Horse Meat: Not Your Mama’s Disco

17 08 2010

Over my 20 plus years in and out of the entertainment industry, I’ve seen a lot of revivals. 50’s rockabilly, 60’s garage rock, 80’s electronic and recently 90’s grunge. But 70’s disco still gets the cold shoulder, at least in the US. And no, just because you stood through The Village People or Gloria Gaynor at a street festival, it does not make you a disco expert. The love of that mainstream, top 40 disco is primarily retro kitsch.  I’m talking real disco. The stuff of the gay nightclubs back when girls weren’t allowed to have bachelorette parties in the backrooms.

If you’re a fan of underground, or at least not top 40, disco of the 70’s you’re not a stranger to digging in the crates of your local record store or thrift shop looking for beat up old 12” singles and hoping for one gem in ten. So it’s really great to see DJ’s like the UK collective Horse Meat Disco not only bringing it back to the gay clubs but to your local music stores and iTunes. HMD’s second compilation, Horse Meat Disco II shows the novice disco listeners that the era wasn’t as much about hit-you-over-the-head obviousness of the Bee Gees and KC, but more about a slower sexier groove you could seduce your prey to. The comp reels you in with its one mainstream artist nod, Sylvester and glides through the US and European nightclub scene with a few oddities (Bravo and Electra) and quite a few soulful, but obscure soul tracks (Tempest Trio, First Love) with tons of sexy in between. The smell of poppers and Marlborough’s practically lift off the disc.

Check out this free track from the comp by Madleen Kane.

If you like it, try out the rest of the tracks:

You can pick up HMD II in stores on vinyl and CD August 17th and keep an eye out for an October gig somewhere in Chicago! You’ll here it here first.