Pimpin’ Out Jonny McGovern

22 10 2010

Dancing About Architecture sat down this week to talk dirty gay stuff with podcater/comedian/musician/producer Jonny McGovern, from Logo’s Big Gay Sketch show, and creator of one of YouTube’s first viral music videos, Soccer Practice, to talk Hollywood, Podcasting, music and most of all lollipops that turn into men’s junk.
DAA: As a fan of your past releases, I have to ask, your music has really evolved over the years since your hit Soccer Practice. How do you create funny pop music while not verging on silly and keeping it right up there with the best Top 40 tunes around?

Jonny McGovern: Usually when I am working on an album there’s a type of music that I’m inspired by that infuses itself into the tracks that I’m working on. For the dirty gay hits CD I was really feeling that “Britney-Nsnyc” teen pop era. For Gays Gone Wild it was underground house and Miami Bootybass. For the new record I’m working in its
a mix of 70’s soul and today’s confessional R&B. I like to wrap all the dirty jokes that are my songs in candy-coated radio ready sounds so at first ya think it’s just a regular old jam but when you start to listen to the words your like “wait a minute did he just sing girl I fucked yer boyfriend?” Is like giving out lollipops and after you lick ‘em for minute hey turn out to be cocks. Delicious candy coated cocks!

DAA: You’ve moved your podcast, “Gay Pimpin With Jonny McGovern,” to Hollywood and assembled a new cast with what appears to be remarkable ease. Was assembling the new cast as organic as it sounds or just a happy accidental chemistry?
JM: It was pretty organic. I knew who I wanted to be a part of the Hollywood version. For the podcast to work and the comedy magic to happen the rapport between me and the cast has to be really natural because the show is totally unscripted and we all need to be able to vibe off each other. Julie Goldman, Brandy, Michael Serrato, Nadya Ginsberg and Calpernia Addams are all hilarious, great peeps and had all been semi-regular guests on the NYC version of the show so they knew how it worked and we have great chemistry in real life. So I HOPED it would work…but you never know until you put everyone together if it’s gonna spark. Plus the NYC cast was so beloved by the fans that it did make me nervous to have to start it all again from scratch. But once we got in the studio, things just clicked. The response has been amazing and doing the HOLLYWOOD version of the show is a blast…its new but still has that same old faggity fun feeling.

DAA: How are you finding the boys in LA vs. NYC?
JM: Because NYC is such a walking city you run into a lot more hotness on a daily basis…but LA certainly has its share of hot ass men…you just have to seek them out.

DAA: You have a show at Roscoe’s on the 28th with your podcat co-host and Big Gay Sketch Show co-star Julie Goldman. Will you two be doing anything from the TV show or are they sets more of your own concepts?
JM: Were doing what we do best gay-ass comedy and gay-ass songs. Plus were gonna premiere a special collabo
we made just for our Chicago show at Roscoe’s. Julie is amazing and the show is gonna be a gay-lez explosion of fun!

DAA: Will fans of your #1 podcast, Gay Pimpin’ With Jonny McGovern, find familiar characters and reference points?
JM: Oh yes they will! A lot of my stand-up ideas are generated from the crazy thangs and ideas we discuss on the show. Plus I’ll be doing songs from my new record and of course a dirty gay or two!

DAA: And finally, what is Blu Kennedy’s phone number?

JM: <<Crickets. Crickets. Click.>>

Learn more about Jonny at www.gaypimp.com. Jonny’s show with Julie Goldman is at 9pm, Thursday, October 28th at Roscoe’s.


A True Chicago Music Experience

19 06 2010

A couple of truly unique events coming up at the Harold Washington Center and brought to you by an honest to goodness local CD store, The Music Experience: Jody Watley (who was fantastic last year at Market Days) and gorgeous voice that is Leela James.

Music Experience
1959 1/2 East 73rd Street
Chicago IL 60649

Shameless Plug For a Shameless Band

1 06 2010

I’ve known Jinx (John) for about a decade now. And have been a fan for about as long. Whether fronting the original Super 8 Cum Shot, the eponymous Jinx Titanic or going solo as John Kamys, the legendary songwriter, singer, rock star and all around hooligan has always amazed and never disappointed his fans.

But following his solo album and his final band show last year, we’d thought we’d seen the last of one of the country’s most exciting queer punk bands as John/Jinx moved to Dublin. So it was great to hear John was coming back to Chicago for a one-off U.S. show, June 9th at their old haunt Jackhammer in Roger’s Park.

If you’re in Chicago that night, and you can stomach raw sexuality of all shades, aggressive rock (think New York Dolls raping the Stooges), and a drunken good time, don’t miss this very special show. Trust, even if you’re a Jinx virgin, after the first throbbing note, you’ll be hooked.




a-ha Afterparty Just Announced!

30 03 2010

On a personal note, I’m organizing one of a-Ha’s fan parties surrounding their Chicago farewell show May 13th at The Riviera Theater. The gig will start immediately following their show and go till 2am.  If you’re not going to the show and just want to party Scandanavian style, come on over to the Wild Pug around 10pm.


If you have any true rareties and cool remixes, drop me an email at bortkickass@gmail.com. We may already have them, but I’m open to suggestions.

And just an alert to non-Chicagoans coming by, it is a bar so over 21. And it is technically a gay bar. Just so you know.

a-ha Takes On Chicago!! (and Toronto)

1 03 2010

I’d like to think that after my rant on the blog and in print a few weeks ago, things somehow got back to my loves, a-ha, that Chicago would be huge. Well la-di-freaking-da, in my inbox, just 5 minutes ago, I got this


a-ha has announce they’re coming to Chicago on their farewell tour on May 13th!! And its at the Riviera, just up the street from my house. I’m in heaven. Don’t talk me down!

Well, Ain’t That Allotta Love?!

27 01 2010

It’s like the floodgates of Marc’s musical river just opened up today and spilled love and happiness all over my desk! I just got notices of 3 amazing things today from three of my all time favorites

Tracey Thorn of Everything But the Girl is leaking some info about her upcoming 3rd solo CD on her Facebook page: “New album is to be called Love and Its Opposite. Will be released mid-May. As you probably know, the record was finished a little while ago, but the slight hold-up has been caused by contractual business. Having come to an agreement with Virgin, the album will be released on Ben’s Strange Feeling label, and in the US on the very lovely Merge label. Was recorded in Berlin and London. Produced by Ewan Pearson. Is 10 songs long – the PERFECT album length! (I was so cross when Out Of The Woods ended up having 11 songs….) Eight new songs by me, plus a cover of “Come On Home To Me” by Lee Hazlewood, and a cover of The Unbending Trees song “You are a lover.””

a-ha is teasing their US fans this morning, that an announcement is forthcoming on some final US dates for their farewell tour: “Last July, Magne mentioned in a radio interview that a-ha would return to America in 2010, and fans have been waiting eagerly since then for news of US tour dates. The wait is almost over, and an announcement will be made next week! Back in 2005, a-ha played a single show in America, at Irving Plaza in New York on September 12. The concert sold out in 52 minutes and fans from all over the United States traveled to New York for the one-off show.This time around, expect more than one show – but that’s all we’re saying for now. Stay tuned for more information!”

and finally, my boy, Blake Lewis, who we’ve hyped countless times here and on the podcast, will be doing a DJ set and signing at Borderline Music in Chicago on 2/13 @ 2pm.

The Joans: a quick review

9 09 2009

the joansIf you’re gay and have somewhat of a sense of camp yet good taste in music, you’ve seen The Joans around town. These kids are either everywhere or we have the same tastes since I’ve caught them live 4 times and I don’t get out much. The first time I heard about them, I figured them to be just a novelty act, but what immediately hit me, after I got past the male lead singer in full drag as Joan Crawford, was that these guys cared about the music and did a great job WHILE making you laugh. And that’s the key to rising above a standard novelty act. Whether this is intentional or not, the moniker of The Joans, to me says as much about a tip of the hat to The Smiths and The Ramones (their last names are all Joans), and that era as it does to their visual style, looking like they all stepped right out of a Douglas Sirk movie.

Their self titled debut album hit this last week and I can’t wait to hear it based on the hilarious video for I’m Not Mad At You, I’m Mad At The Dirt:

Check out their great site with info on their next live gig as well: