Podcast teaser for new Cameron Meshell CD

30 10 2009

cameron meshellI remember discovering Cameron Meshell a couple years ago on another blog. The blogger was over the moon with how excited she was to share some of his demos with her readers, and I was overjoyed to listen. Immediately he seemed to fill a need in me for powerful yet simple great music. Beautiful lyrics, sung emotionally from his soul to his listeners in way I haven’t heard since the passing of Jeff Buckley. I must have played those 2 tracks, Forever Like Red and I Want To Know a hundred times. ┬áBut then nothing else out there. No official singles. No Cameron album. Then all of a sudden a year later a CD came out called The Distance by Forever Like Red. Cameron Meshell was in a band. And it was good: a thoroughly an enjoyable album, with no complaints but for some reason I still just don’t know, I kept coming back to those solo demos. ┬áSomething, to me, was just a little more soulful. And for demos, top notch!

Well good news for fans who loved those early recordings, Cameron’s first solo record, consisting of finished versions of allot of those early tracks, comes out on iTunes late November with CDs in December and it sounds hot! Steven and I will be giving a full review of the CD on a mid-November podcast. Let us know what you think. Here’s a new song to check out…

Make Me Believe ** new **

and one of the old ones

I Want To Know (demo, right click to save)

Stay tuned Dancing About Architecture for all your Cameron needs.