(our 200th post!) Bird Call’s Covers EP Other Creatures

4 08 2011

I’ve been sitting on Bird Call‘s Covers EP, Other Creatures for a month or so now trying to figure out what I think of it. Quirky female vocalists can go both ways with me: LOVE: Kate Bush, Bjork, or Missing Persons; NOT FOND OF: Macy Gray, The Knife or JoAnna Newsom (devil’s spawn).

If you start off with Chiara Angelicola’s (Bird Calls main woman) Doo Right you may get turned off by her vocal aerobatics which lean toward Nina Hagen and Newsome territory distracting you from the music. But if you start off with any other track like her Nick Cave cover Into My Arms or the heartbreaking single Beck’s Lost Cause, you hear past the trickery into genuine emotion. She really makes you forget their covers with her original voice and take on these tracks.

With all her unique qualities, there are surprisingly straightforward moments as well. Her covers of Fleetwood Mac’s cheesytastic later hit Little Lies gleams as bright as the original, and her take on Kate Bush’s The Man With The Child In His Eyes is a loving tribute to a woman she’s obviously listened to a time or two. She uses some of Kate’s same inflections, minus some of the vulnerabilty but much more emotion than Tina Arena’s white bread version from a few years back.  She also keeps Kate’s Piano arrangement while adding the best part, a lovely hammer dulcimer accompaniment which adds a bit more warmth than Kate’s.

Take a listen and let us know who what you think and what original female voices drive you crazy or take you to heaven.

Free download link to this track included: 


Reason #1 Robyn SHOULD BE the Biggest Pop Star on the Planet…

30 08 2010

This Woman is being watched by Bjork.

We here at DAA have a affinity for all things Robyn. The Swedish pop sprite is one of our favs. But over the weekend at the Polar Music Prize in Stockholm homegirl did the unthinkable. She covered the classic Bjork tune “Hyperballad”- WITH BJORK sitting right in front of her. Wow. That takes balls. But of course our girl knocked it out of the park. Can she do no wrong?

So in her honor we are starting a recurring “Reason #— Robyn SHOULD BE the Biggest Pop Star on the Planet…” posts.

I reckon we will be up to #4593 sometime next week the way she is going……

It starts going OFF @ the 3 min mark.