The Vault Returns: The Glee Club

4 09 2010

One of may favorite St. Louis concert memories was having the thrill of seeing The Glee Club, a one album band signed to the prestigious 4AD label back in 1994. It was in a small  venue in The Loop area of U City called Cicero’s Basement with all my great St. Louis pals. The intimacy and power of being that close to such a moving show left an indelible mark on all of us we still talk about today. I still have my signed CD by Joanne and her partner Hugh and still listen to it frequently, and it never ages.

My gift to you, as I start doing postings again for The Vault Series is the “single from their from their only real CD, Mine.  “Need” is easily the strongest track on the CD, and rivals the best tracks off The Cranberries’ debut.  The entire CD also rings a bit of Lush, Cocteau Twins, Curve,  and All About Eve at times. Worth tracking down if you can find it.

01 Need (right click to save)

Bonus links:

A rare track from Joanne and Hugh’s first band, Swinging Swine:

The demo version of Need: