NOW Coldplay’s new track sounds interesting!

11 07 2011

Oy, who's up for a dance?

After uberstar Beyonce phoned it it with the embarrassing “4” and Gaga and Britney did straightforward club albums with no depth, I was not happy to hear the bland new Coldplay single, fearing even the always reliable Brits had taken a figurative creative Summer off as well. While the single, Every Waterfall Is a Teardrop, was bland as dry toast, the Swedish House Mafia remix is turning me OUT! Can’t wait till the full version leaks is available to buy legally. I’m all over it.

What are the chances Chris Martin and the boys will put out a full dance album?


HOT SUMMER BREEZE: Review – Horse Meat Disco III

9 07 2011
OPEN 24/7 - HAWT new compilation from HORSE MEAT DISCO

OPEN 24/7 - HAWT new compilation from HORSE MEAT DISCO

Growing up I always thought I had been a lost soul that bit it a bit too soon (or was is just right?) from the darkened halls of Studio 54 at the height of its day in the late seventies. Strobe lights, smoke machines, coked up bangee boy/girl/shims, you know the drill. Maybe you don’t, but that’s ok. You know have the a new soundtrack to make sure you can step into your platforms, put a headband on and shimmy right into the dancefloor you could easily find under the light of the neon-lit back alleys of NYC, Libson, Berlin and London without leaving the comfort of your earphones.

Look, there you are, the one in the middle left, no your middle left. Damn Polaroid exposure ...

Enter the THIRD installment of Europe’s HAWT as HADES Eagle-style-disco-come-new-salsoul-sensation for the new millennium HORSE MEAT DISCO. Made up of DJ team James Hillard, Jim Stanton, Severino and Filthy Luka, this new comp has — seriously — 28 (TWENTY-EIGHT poeple!) tracks that grab from the era but merge into heights of 80s electro-groove and steaming NEW tracks that sound like they could have been popped out the Mork from Ork space egg. Read the rest of this entry »

Desperately Seeking Something New?

5 07 2011

Laverne and Shirley, the great sages of the 20th Century, once challenged “Give us any chance, We’ll take it. Give us any rule we’ll break it.” If you’re challenging me, ala DiFazio, give me any tune, I’ll find it, in about a minute. Times where when you wanted a song, you had to go from record store to record store and maybe even special order an album taking upwards of 2 weeks, months if overseas. Now with one click in iTunes most US distributed tracks can be yours in seconds. But what if you want something more hard-to-find? Remixes, out-of-print, imports? Ask me. I’ve gotten it down to a science.

Let me share some of my tricks, but only about half. A girl’s got to keep some secrets.

Want to get a lead on your hipster pals who always know the coolest bands? Blogs are the best way as record labels feed blogs key tracks to give out for free, about half are really amazing remixes too. The best ones out there are and indie standard Both have the most recent, legal and cutting edge tracks out there.

Remixes are tough on iTunes let alone at a brick and mortar store, so you have to get underground there. Legally, your go-to should be Beatport 95% of the time. The mp3 quality is the best around and the artists get a good cut. If that’s going nowhere, start with Googling it. You’ll find tons of legal and slightly less legal ways to get the newest tracks from places like dirrtyremixes and In Da Prophi’s House who trump everyone when you’re looking for the newest and hottest for your dancefloor needs.

As for Out-of-Print or unreleased cuts, Google once again, but try the little known to weed out news stories and such and get right to the people. Writers like me love to upload and show off our snobby rarities for you to enjoy. Soundcloud also is a treasure trove of unreleased tracks as well as bootleg remixes. You can find my postings there under Moosebox. Some real gems…

…or do what all my friends do, and hit me up on my wall. Works (for them) every time.


-from my biweekly column in Nightspots Magazine

Chicago Pride Guide for the Gay Tourist

23 06 2011

Welcome to Dancing About Architecture. I see you’re in for pride. Your Melissa Etheride ’97 tour shirt tells me you may be here for music as well as getting your gay on. Glad to see you know that Pride is not only a great time to see a cross section of the Midwest gays or good lesbian spotting, but also a chance to see some great live music over the weekend.
Pride Weekend used to just be about the parade on Sunday, leaving the other days open for you to troll the bars. One year our pals at Northalsted Area Merchants Association decided a Pridefest, in the style of the successful Milwaukee one was just the thing. They were right. After a few shaky years, they seemed to have started to bring it. This year they’ll be bringing you stars like Ultra Nate and Deborah Cox on Friday night; Mya, Kim English, Crystal Waters and Kim English on Saturday. While a little 90’s diva heavy in my opinion, you can’t deny the star power and consistency, especially when there’s drag shows in between each act. If you need a break from all that weave, take a break and come with me and catch Chicago crowd pleasers 16 Candles and Rock Candy. So tasty.
A little drunk now on the music and warm Miller Lite? Let’s dance! You can hit some of boystown’s best clubs with the locals. Start at Scarlet where early is best and the DJ’s are always edgy and addicting. When Scarlet closes, you can go South for avant-guard craziness at Berlin, or more straightforward top-notch spinning at Hydrate. Don’t stay out too too late, the parade is the next day.

Post parade, I’ll give you two amazing options. You can follow me up North and avoid the bars and messiness for Pride North, a one night street party featuring live music by 16 Candles with opening DJ Voxbox and hosted by ME! If you’re not ready to pass out, join the legendary Circuit Mom as he presents Revolution, a new dawn in dance parties featuring DJ Brett Henderson and Matthew Harvat’s always stunning visuals. If you make it out of Chicago unstimulated by all this audio, don’t say I didn’t try! Thanks for coming, girl!

Going Global: Three choice cuts

14 06 2011

Passport? Who needs one when you can take a vacay via a few choice listens and downloads!

I bring you tasty cuts from around the globe that you can add to your visited destinations, feel a bit more cultured, in-the-know and jammin’-on-the-one.


The first comes from Iceland and a blast from the past: GusGus. Remember them? 90s heyday of triphop and good grooves that you could ‘believe’ in? Well, the group’s female vocalist HAFDIS HULD is still holding her own with backing tracks with TRICKY on his recent KNOWLE WEST BOY and this amazing little ditty below called ‘ACTION MAN’ from her recent solo release:

If that wasn’t enough, grab a track FREE from this adorable chanteuse of the great white North HERE.

Look for great things to come from this voice in the months ahead and check out more from her WONDERFUL WORLD here.


Now, off to Denmark and the spank-tastic electro duo of MASON.

We told you about their stellar release THEY ARE AMONG US with a special interview we did with the Dutch boys a few weeks back and wouldn’t you know it, they keep on delivering with a HAWT remix of their track featuring Matt Hales – also known as Aqualung – remixed by none other than REX THE DOG.

If that wasn’t enough Pete Tong tipped it as a stand-out track and the single (out July 18) will have additional Dave Seaman, Steve Aoki, Zombie Disco Squad and The Magician (LOVE!)

The DJ team have been working with a load of folk via their label Animal Language and you can nab the remix for LITTLE ANGEL HERE.


Finally, off to France for a track that I melted into courtesy of the folks behind and a single that came out earlier this year from KEREN ANN.

The song was great enough on its own – MY NAME IS TROUBLE – but the tweaked out remix from the genius Walter Sobcek took it to another plane of consciousness. Sobcek has done some stellar remixes of PHOENIX and NIGHTWAVES but this one tears out her desperation and longing and makes it something other-worldy.

Check out that feature (written by yours truly) HERE, grab the remix, down it with some choice barbits and enjoy.

NOW, consider yourself a cross-continent globe-trotter!

— written by d_wall, a lover not a fighter for the world of music

Cocaine Blues, Escorts, and Other Obsessions for Summer

10 06 2011

Not going to get too wordy here as I’m all about the fun today! It’s fucking Friday of Midsommarfest Weekend!  Every so often a key disco track hits me hard. So hard, I have to listen to it over and over and over till I’ve built up a tiny cult to worship it with me. Today I logged onto The W’s site, Symmetry Sounds (thanks for the tip, Dane!) and by the third track in the Wet Deck playlist, I found my love. Escort’s Cocaine Blues takes me right back to the disco I don’t remember: Rufus, The Cruisaders, Odyssey.

“A chick in a car and the car won’t go, that’s how we spell Chicago!”

Live is even hotter:

You can get the single legit free at their site


A couple others that have come before:


Putting the Night On Hold by Lauren Grey

Love Sensation 2006 by Lolleata Holloway

Out of Control featuring Paul Parker by Wolfram


8 06 2011

As I write this I’m staring at a well-worn plastic beer stein (filled with water. Its only Noon) and dreaming of 6 hours from now when my official street-festival-mojo kicks in with Lincoln Square’s Maifest. You’d think with being known as one of the biggest music whores in this town, I’d be dreaming of Lollapalooza and Pitchfork, but believe it or not, those are just too much for my wallet, and I’m a sucker for great local acts served up by one of Chicago’s zillions of Summer street fests.

Last year Andersonville’s Midsommarfest eclipsed Boystown’s Pridefest and Market Days for me in terms of good music and hot men: two things that rule my world. This is year it’s looking to make both look positively gauche. MSF, as I’m calling it, kicks off at 11am on Saturday June 11th and just 2 hours after it starts I’ll be front and center for the rollicking alt country sounds of Devin & the Straights. Hang tight there because the acrobatics of the Chicago Spirit Brigade, always a crowd favorite, show off how they make cheerleading even gayer  followed by one of my favorite local acts, The Joans. Think The Cramps and the B-52’s opening for The Smiths in Joan Crawford drag. Then, 6pm gets tricky. You have figure out how you can see the amazing cover band, Rock Candy, featuring the sexiest frontwoman in Chicago, Molly Callinan (Cat Fight, Black Betty) then have time to squeeze in for the always sexy Chicago favorite 16 Candles and their crowd pleasing takes on John Hughes era rock. If you miss them, make sure you get to The Glenwood’s Pride North party with Mooseboxas the opener/host (PLUG!)

Molly Callinan

Some festival’s seem to load up all the top acts later in the day. Not Midsommarfest. Sunday kicks off with one of my favorite bands at 2pm. 7th Heaven, a cover band brimming with way to much talent and featuring a reality show winner, will blow your mind. If you leave right as the last riff comes from 7th Heaven, you may have time to get to hear the Brazilian rhythms of Chicago Samba at 3pm for a great change of pace. Personally after Chicago Samba I have to go home and walk the dog, but if you’re raging on, the funk & soul of Bumpus will chill you out like a cold beer.

Leave it to this fest to give us something for everyone for the finale. You probably already saw 16 Candles the night before, so skip them on Sunday, and check out the truly legendary alt country god, Robbie Fulks with Nora O’Connor. They’re most likely going to be doing some kids’ stuff too, but no worries. Robbie could sing NWA covers and still make you miss Hank Williams.