Random Quick Remix: Dustin Skiles’ Does ‘Bad Things’ from True Blood

25 07 2011

The amazing Dustin Skiles remix’s Jace Everett‘s theme song to True Blood, Bad Things. Very sexy.

Free download


Going Global: Three choice cuts

14 06 2011

Passport? Who needs one when you can take a vacay via a few choice listens and downloads!

I bring you tasty cuts from around the globe that you can add to your visited destinations, feel a bit more cultured, in-the-know and jammin’-on-the-one.


The first comes from Iceland and a blast from the past: GusGus. Remember them? 90s heyday of triphop and good grooves that you could ‘believe’ in? Well, the group’s female vocalist HAFDIS HULD is still holding her own with backing tracks with TRICKY on his recent KNOWLE WEST BOY and this amazing little ditty below called ‘ACTION MAN’ from her recent solo release:

If that wasn’t enough, grab a track FREE from this adorable chanteuse of the great white North HERE.

Look for great things to come from this voice in the months ahead and check out more from her WONDERFUL WORLD here.


Now, off to Denmark and the spank-tastic electro duo of MASON.

We told you about their stellar release THEY ARE AMONG US with a special interview we did with the Dutch boys a few weeks back and wouldn’t you know it, they keep on delivering with a HAWT remix of their track featuring Matt Hales – also known as Aqualung – remixed by none other than REX THE DOG.

If that wasn’t enough Pete Tong tipped it as a stand-out track and the single (out July 18) will have additional Dave Seaman, Steve Aoki, Zombie Disco Squad and The Magician (LOVE!)

The DJ team have been working with a load of folk via their label Animal Language and you can nab the remix for LITTLE ANGEL HERE.


Finally, off to France for a track that I melted into courtesy of the folks behind Dailybeatz.com and a single that came out earlier this year from KEREN ANN.

The song was great enough on its own – MY NAME IS TROUBLE – but the tweaked out remix from the genius Walter Sobcek took it to another plane of consciousness. Sobcek has done some stellar remixes of PHOENIX and NIGHTWAVES but this one tears out her desperation and longing and makes it something other-worldy.

Check out that feature (written by yours truly) HERE, grab the remix, down it with some choice barbits and enjoy.

NOW, consider yourself a cross-continent globe-trotter!

— written by d_wall, a lover not a fighter for the world of music

An Open Letter To All Music Lovers …

28 05 2011


Memorial Day Weekend is that odd time where people think of vacations but if you’re anything like me, escape is a hard thing to do when that oddity called “work” doesn’t let you get too far away from the homestead.

No bother, I offer you two album releases that can help anyone escape their day-to-day and find a little sonic vacation worth taking.

Consider each of these offering, and forward-thinking soldiers in the world of music, young “veterans” of the industry that, for whatever reason, haven’t found the right audience for global recognition. Sure, CockNBullKid has gotten amazing press from the shows at SXSW, touring with Duran Duran in the UK and finding great radio love across the pond with folks like Huw Stephens but would anyone here in the states truly know this band beyond hearing the name and thinking it sounded like a badly placed expletive in conversation? And, OK, I’ll give it to you, Patrick Wolf has been a darling of the underground music scene, even finding major label push from his ’06 release The Magic Position, but where is he on the US media radar: sadly, not a blip I tell you.

An open request to US music lovers everywhere, take in these two 2011 releases: ADULTHOOD from CockNBullKid and LUPERCALIA from Patrick Wolf and for your consideration, add them to some of your best releases of the year. Why? See below … Read the rest of this entry »

R.I.P. Bionic 2010-2010

10 09 2010

Speaking at a press event for Burlesque (squeeeeeal!) X-tina let it slip that she is done with all things Bionic.

She said “The creative process that involved Bionic is over, I did what I wanted to do and I’m satisfied with it. If the album sells or if the songs are a hit, I don’t care and I don’t need to know it, I did my part and I gave 100% while I was doing it, and I’m proud of this work…The creative process is my thing, I’m an artist and once something is over, I look forward for what is next, and I don’t look back.”

Honey Honey Honey. You can spin it how you want. Mistakes were made. The first single. Although I loved “Not Myself Tonight”, the bi-sexual Madonna loving video that accompanied it had a “been there, done that” feel. Not a good quality to have. People didn’t want X-tina back. They wanted Christina back. The second problem was ignoring the fact that the first single was going nowhere fast, and not getting something else out pronto.

For me the album was uneven. The most spectacular proof of this was the interlude w/ hubby Bratman and their baby “singing like mama does” right after a song entitled “Sex For Breakfast”. Again. Ewwwwwwwwww. Not okay.

She has given us so much good music over the years and I want to end my critique of the Bionic era on a good note. “Vanity” should have been released as a single. It is as cocky as she wanted to be, but had the balls to back it up. It was a fun self assured romp that Queens all over the South are using as an anthem as we speak. It hurts me to think of the AMAZING remixes that could have been!!!!!

I know she is going to take a hit for Burlesque too- which although I will love- is basically going to be Showgirls Part 2. For me that is an amazing thing. For the mainstream media and middle of the road fans- not so much. Could this be the end of the Superstar?

Have a listen to “Vanity” below. Should it have been a single? Sound off below!

Christina Aguilera – Vanity by maxhipo

Horse Meat: Not Your Mama’s Disco

17 08 2010

Over my 20 plus years in and out of the entertainment industry, I’ve seen a lot of revivals. 50’s rockabilly, 60’s garage rock, 80’s electronic and recently 90’s grunge. But 70’s disco still gets the cold shoulder, at least in the US. And no, just because you stood through The Village People or Gloria Gaynor at a street festival, it does not make you a disco expert. The love of that mainstream, top 40 disco is primarily retro kitsch.  I’m talking real disco. The stuff of the gay nightclubs back when girls weren’t allowed to have bachelorette parties in the backrooms.

If you’re a fan of underground, or at least not top 40, disco of the 70’s you’re not a stranger to digging in the crates of your local record store or thrift shop looking for beat up old 12” singles and hoping for one gem in ten. So it’s really great to see DJ’s like the UK collective Horse Meat Disco not only bringing it back to the gay clubs but to your local music stores and iTunes. HMD’s second compilation, Horse Meat Disco II shows the novice disco listeners that the era wasn’t as much about hit-you-over-the-head obviousness of the Bee Gees and KC, but more about a slower sexier groove you could seduce your prey to. The comp reels you in with its one mainstream artist nod, Sylvester and glides through the US and European nightclub scene with a few oddities (Bravo and Electra) and quite a few soulful, but obscure soul tracks (Tempest Trio, First Love) with tons of sexy in between. The smell of poppers and Marlborough’s practically lift off the disc.

Check out this free track from the comp by Madleen Kane. http://www.mediafire.com/?eiy3xo0zhme

If you like it, try out the rest of the tracks:

You can pick up HMD II in stores on vinyl and CD August 17th and keep an eye out for an October gig somewhere in Chicago! You’ll here it here first.


The Vault: Old Skool Style

19 11 2009

UK Album art for Doug E Fresh

Now, I’m from Missouri. Not a hotbed of urban beats, at least not back in 1985.  I was a country boy who knew I was different, but instead of now where its a bit easier to express your sexuality in High School, not so much then in Jefferson County. So I chose to be different musically. It started when Michael Jackson’s Off the Wall, then Thriller, wooed me from a childhood of Bee Gees and ONJ into the dark, we’ll mocha, side. Safe, sweet, non-threatening urban music. I felt edgy. I mean MTV wasn’t even playing MJ yet. But then boom. MJ hit MTV and it was all open wide. R&B pop music got much more popular around mainstream America, and even was OK to listen to in my neck of the woods. That got boring for me then. I needed something a bit riskier. So not only did i dip my toe into metal, but I found a second new outlet too. Rap. Not rap as you know it now, but early rap. Right before the dawn of hip hop as a multimillion dollar Top 10 industry, before the Beastie’s fought for your right, before Run DMC made we wanna vomit this way, there was just fun early hip hop.  Me and my best friend PJ were jammin’ hard on the likes of Kurtis Blow, LL Cool J’s Radio, UTFO and especially my 2 pics for today, Doug E Fresh‘s La-Di-Da-Di and Toddy Tee‘s Batter Ram.

(right click to download)

La-Di-Da-Di by Doug E Fresh

Batter Ram by Toddy Tee

They both make me giggle with glee for different reasons. La Di just reminds me of all the great free style shit that was going on in NYC at the time and how inventive and original this was at the time. Just 2 guys. No decks, no band, no nothing. Just talent. And Batteram, an early West Coast offering with its pre-gangsta simplicity putting down drug dealers and talking about how he’s got a wife and kids and a job. Admirable, but not too street. Hilarious. But I loved it at the time.

Well, after that, rap went 2 bad ways, Pop (MC Hammer, Vanilla Ice) and Gangsta. Neither appealed to me and I’ve only dabbled sinces (Missy, Matisyahu, De La Soul, Roots). But we had a few good years, hip hop. Thanks.

The Vault: Bliss and The Cure

3 11 2009

I know we threatened to make The Vault a regular post, but quite frankly got a bit lazy, focusing on the podcast (hope you’re all enjoying it!). And quite frankly this one had me confused as to how to go about posting it:


As that crappy Dove Chocolate commercial announces, its Bliss. Bliss. The band. How do we explain them. Well, for one, they’re damned hard to research. As we’ve talked about in 2 successive podcasts, picking a good name that is easily “Googleable” is key. Bliss. No. Upon searching the world wide interweb, you come up with the following:

  1. Bliss, a Scandinavian chillout 3 pc. very similar to Zero 7 complete with vocals by Sophie (I’m no Sia) Barker. Put out a great CD a few years ago called Quiet Letters.
  2. Bliss, a horrible female rapper from the US
  3. Bliss, a more horrible white male rapper, also US
  4. Bliss, the mexian pop band
  5. Bliss, the Canadian all male 4 pc. from the 90’s
  6. Bliss, the generic 90’s new age outfit

rachel_morrison1And finally the band I was hot for, Bliss, the UK band led by Rachel Morrison. Bliss was only around in force for about 3 years in the late 80’s/early 90’s, riding in on a wave of sophisticated female led acts like Everything But the Girl, Swing Out Sister, Matt Bianco, and Julie Fordham, before Rachel started a family. Not very big in the UK or US, but they did chart in the Germany and New Zealand. I found their German EP, Watching Over Me in the $1 bin at Now Hear This in St Louis in 1991. It was back in the day when I bought CDs based on album cover and this was my type of find. Stark, black and white photo of a sad girl with a B-side of The Cure’s Love Song. Jackpot! Now, I’d like to share this VERY rare gem with you. Don’t think your speakers are disconnected. Its starts of very very quiet, but then really builds. Rachel is a vocal powerhouse. Borderline manly at times a la Cher or Horse. And when she sings I Will Always Love You, you believe it!

Love Song (right click to download)