Why Aren’t There More Songs About The Golden Girls?

22 04 2011

With a little help from fellow Big Gay Sketch Show alum, Michael Serrato as director, and the hilarious Nadya Ginsberg as Rose, Jonny McGovern debuted his newest viral video and first single off his new Golden Girls EP today: Take Me To St. Olaf.

Yes, that’s right, a loving homage to the sweetest girl, Rose Nylund. The new video, shot partially in front of the real Golden Girls exterior in Brentwood, was done in just a few days with the home part done guerrilla style by Michael and Jonny. The result is anything but rushed. Jonny delivers a silky smooth Teddy Pendergrass-ish ballad showing his true love for the iconic character. Funny yet sweet with touches of granny love. If his vocals and production are this tight on a quick video and EP, I can’t wait to see what he pulls off for his new solo album in June and Quick Starter funded accompanying multi-video project promoting it as well.

Jonny McGovern in front of the actual GG house!

Check out the new EP with 2 more tracks: Zbornak and Blanche Deveraux right here.


DAA: The Podcast talks to Mary Fahl and Ross Crean

17 02 2010
Former October Project singer Mary Fahl

Former October Project singer Mary Fahl

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This week on the show, singer/songwriter, Ross Crean and I had the honor of dishing with Mary Fahl, former lead singer of October Project, on her solo and band career, parting ways with OP, the record label game and her new release, a remake of Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon done as only Mary Fahl and her Read the rest of this entry »

Well, Ain’t That Allotta Love?!

27 01 2010

It’s like the floodgates of Marc’s musical river just opened up today and spilled love and happiness all over my desk! I just got notices of 3 amazing things today from three of my all time favorites

Tracey Thorn of Everything But the Girl is leaking some info about her upcoming 3rd solo CD on her Facebook page: “New album is to be called Love and Its Opposite. Will be released mid-May. As you probably know, the record was finished a little while ago, but the slight hold-up has been caused by contractual business. Having come to an agreement with Virgin, the album will be released on Ben’s Strange Feeling label, and in the US on the very lovely Merge label. Was recorded in Berlin and London. Produced by Ewan Pearson. Is 10 songs long – the PERFECT album length! (I was so cross when Out Of The Woods ended up having 11 songs….) Eight new songs by me, plus a cover of “Come On Home To Me” by Lee Hazlewood, and a cover of The Unbending Trees song “You are a lover.””

a-ha is teasing their US fans this morning, that an announcement is forthcoming on some final US dates for their farewell tour: “Last July, Magne mentioned in a radio interview that a-ha would return to America in 2010, and fans have been waiting eagerly since then for news of US tour dates. The wait is almost over, and an announcement will be made next week! Back in 2005, a-ha played a single show in America, at Irving Plaza in New York on September 12. The concert sold out in 52 minutes and fans from all over the United States traveled to New York for the one-off show.This time around, expect more than one show – but that’s all we’re saying for now. Stay tuned for more information!”

and finally, my boy, Blake Lewis, who we’ve hyped countless times here and on the podcast, will be doing a DJ set and signing at Borderline Music in Chicago on 2/13 @ 2pm.

Podcast teaser for new Cameron Meshell CD

30 10 2009

cameron meshellI remember discovering Cameron Meshell a couple years ago on another blog. The blogger was over the moon with how excited she was to share some of his demos with her readers, and I was overjoyed to listen. Immediately he seemed to fill a need in me for powerful yet simple great music. Beautiful lyrics, sung emotionally from his soul to his listeners in way I haven’t heard since the passing of Jeff Buckley. I must have played those 2 tracks, Forever Like Red and I Want To Know a hundred times.  But then nothing else out there. No official singles. No Cameron album. Then all of a sudden a year later a CD came out called The Distance by Forever Like Red. Cameron Meshell was in a band. And it was good: a thoroughly an enjoyable album, with no complaints but for some reason I still just don’t know, I kept coming back to those solo demos.  Something, to me, was just a little more soulful. And for demos, top notch!

Well good news for fans who loved those early recordings, Cameron’s first solo record, consisting of finished versions of allot of those early tracks, comes out on iTunes late November with CDs in December and it sounds hot! Steven and I will be giving a full review of the CD on a mid-November podcast. Let us know what you think. Here’s a new song to check out…

Make Me Believe ** new **

and one of the old ones

I Want To Know (demo, right click to save)

Stay tuned Dancing About Architecture for all your Cameron needs.

Things We May Have Missed on D.A.A. The Podcast, Episode 8

20 10 2009

Episode 8

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This week on Dancing About Architecture, The Podcast, Moose and Redmonkey went over new releases from the past year we may have overlooked, and are no longer “new releases” but are still hot as hell and deserve attention.

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a-ha TAKE ON U.S.

19 10 2009

morton harketa-ha, one of my all time favorite bands, has announced they ARE coming to North America as part of their farewell tour.


Here are a few small updates to the previously announced 2010 world tour information. Keep in mind that although the following timeframes and countries are not 100% confirmed, we understand this is the general tour schedule for 2010. As specific cities, venues and dates are confirmed, we’ll add them to theUpcoming Events page.

  • In March, a-ha will spend approximately three weeks touring in South America.
  • There will be a two-week tour of North American cities in May.
  • The summer months take a-ha back to Europe and the UK for some festivals.
  • Fans in Tokyo and Osaka will have the chance to see a-ha at the Summer Sonic Festival.
  • There is going to be a European tour to round up everything in October and November.

In case you’re aren’t crazy,  obsessed a-ha fans like us, you may have missed last week that they are breaking up for good now. Or maybe you read the douchy post on Perez Hilton announcing the breakup while making them feel bad for only have one top 10 hit. Either way, its done.

We saw this coming a mile away.  Pal has been hated by Morten and Mags for years and you’ll notice if you what press for the new album, he’s not even there. Well, as we said on our upcoming podcast, we know Morten, the lead singer, will be fine. His solo albums have been rivaling a-ha’s lately. Hopefully sexy Mags will do something with him. Good riddance, Pal, and hello, then goodbye, to a-ha. Great way to cap off 25 years of consistently great music.

Shadowside by a-ha: Not sure how I feel about this

12 10 2009

mortenmags2009My love for a-ha has transcended  many years and music trends, and as a rule,  I always love them. Their new album, Foot of the Mountain is no exception. We’ve said it here and on the podcast before, its a great album that salutes the old electro sound that made them big while tipping a hat to the bands that took their sound and made millions (Coldplay, Keane, etc). But I’m not sure how I feel about choosing Shadowside as the new single.

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