INTERVIEW EXCLUSIVE: James Hillard of HORSE MEAT DISCO Talks Grade A Organic Music

11 09 2011

James Hillard (left) and his Horse Meat Disco stable

Best to have things to get your mind off the day-to-day and what better way to do that than loose yourself in a little music and conversation, right?

Enter HORSE MEAT DISCO and their third compilation release. DAA gave you a review of it earlier this year HERE and we thought it best to follow it up with some choice thoughts from one fine stallion from the HMD collective JAMES HILLARD and some FREE downloads you can nab at the end of this post. Huzzah!

And awaaaaay we go … Read the rest of this entry »


HOT SUMMER BREEZE: Review – Horse Meat Disco III

9 07 2011
OPEN 24/7 - HAWT new compilation from HORSE MEAT DISCO

OPEN 24/7 - HAWT new compilation from HORSE MEAT DISCO

Growing up I always thought I had been a lost soul that bit it a bit too soon (or was is just right?) from the darkened halls of Studio 54 at the height of its day in the late seventies. Strobe lights, smoke machines, coked up bangee boy/girl/shims, you know the drill. Maybe you don’t, but that’s ok. You know have the a new soundtrack to make sure you can step into your platforms, put a headband on and shimmy right into the dancefloor you could easily find under the light of the neon-lit back alleys of NYC, Libson, Berlin and London without leaving the comfort of your earphones.

Look, there you are, the one in the middle left, no your middle left. Damn Polaroid exposure ...

Enter the THIRD installment of Europe’s HAWT as HADES Eagle-style-disco-come-new-salsoul-sensation for the new millennium HORSE MEAT DISCO. Made up of DJ team James Hillard, Jim Stanton, Severino and Filthy Luka, this new comp has — seriously — 28 (TWENTY-EIGHT poeple!) tracks that grab from the era but merge into heights of 80s electro-groove and steaming NEW tracks that sound like they could have been popped out the Mork from Ork space egg. Read the rest of this entry »

Desperately Seeking Something New?

5 07 2011

Laverne and Shirley, the great sages of the 20th Century, once challenged “Give us any chance, We’ll take it. Give us any rule we’ll break it.” If you’re challenging me, ala DiFazio, give me any tune, I’ll find it, in about a minute. Times where when you wanted a song, you had to go from record store to record store and maybe even special order an album taking upwards of 2 weeks, months if overseas. Now with one click in iTunes most US distributed tracks can be yours in seconds. But what if you want something more hard-to-find? Remixes, out-of-print, imports? Ask me. I’ve gotten it down to a science.

Let me share some of my tricks, but only about half. A girl’s got to keep some secrets.

Want to get a lead on your hipster pals who always know the coolest bands? Blogs are the best way as record labels feed blogs key tracks to give out for free, about half are really amazing remixes too. The best ones out there are and indie standard Both have the most recent, legal and cutting edge tracks out there.

Remixes are tough on iTunes let alone at a brick and mortar store, so you have to get underground there. Legally, your go-to should be Beatport 95% of the time. The mp3 quality is the best around and the artists get a good cut. If that’s going nowhere, start with Googling it. You’ll find tons of legal and slightly less legal ways to get the newest tracks from places like dirrtyremixes and In Da Prophi’s House who trump everyone when you’re looking for the newest and hottest for your dancefloor needs.

As for Out-of-Print or unreleased cuts, Google once again, but try the little known to weed out news stories and such and get right to the people. Writers like me love to upload and show off our snobby rarities for you to enjoy. Soundcloud also is a treasure trove of unreleased tracks as well as bootleg remixes. You can find my postings there under Moosebox. Some real gems…

…or do what all my friends do, and hit me up on my wall. Works (for them) every time.


-from my biweekly column in Nightspots Magazine

Going Global: Three choice cuts

14 06 2011

Passport? Who needs one when you can take a vacay via a few choice listens and downloads!

I bring you tasty cuts from around the globe that you can add to your visited destinations, feel a bit more cultured, in-the-know and jammin’-on-the-one.


The first comes from Iceland and a blast from the past: GusGus. Remember them? 90s heyday of triphop and good grooves that you could ‘believe’ in? Well, the group’s female vocalist HAFDIS HULD is still holding her own with backing tracks with TRICKY on his recent KNOWLE WEST BOY and this amazing little ditty below called ‘ACTION MAN’ from her recent solo release:

If that wasn’t enough, grab a track FREE from this adorable chanteuse of the great white North HERE.

Look for great things to come from this voice in the months ahead and check out more from her WONDERFUL WORLD here.


Now, off to Denmark and the spank-tastic electro duo of MASON.

We told you about their stellar release THEY ARE AMONG US with a special interview we did with the Dutch boys a few weeks back and wouldn’t you know it, they keep on delivering with a HAWT remix of their track featuring Matt Hales – also known as Aqualung – remixed by none other than REX THE DOG.

If that wasn’t enough Pete Tong tipped it as a stand-out track and the single (out July 18) will have additional Dave Seaman, Steve Aoki, Zombie Disco Squad and The Magician (LOVE!)

The DJ team have been working with a load of folk via their label Animal Language and you can nab the remix for LITTLE ANGEL HERE.


Finally, off to France for a track that I melted into courtesy of the folks behind and a single that came out earlier this year from KEREN ANN.

The song was great enough on its own – MY NAME IS TROUBLE – but the tweaked out remix from the genius Walter Sobcek took it to another plane of consciousness. Sobcek has done some stellar remixes of PHOENIX and NIGHTWAVES but this one tears out her desperation and longing and makes it something other-worldy.

Check out that feature (written by yours truly) HERE, grab the remix, down it with some choice barbits and enjoy.

NOW, consider yourself a cross-continent globe-trotter!

— written by d_wall, a lover not a fighter for the world of music

“Don’t it make your heart go wow …”

2 06 2011

Swing your bat and don't look back.

It’s OK Nicola, you can come to the front of class. Don’t worry about coming through the window. Your bedazzled shoes are allowed even to this discriminating eye.

Beat of my Drum represents one of the most successful post-download era campaigns I have seen in my years in the music industry. Now, my “years” in the music industry have been for the most part, the outside looking in. Those years have been able to put a questioning eye on the direction of the industry, how ridiculously non-plus it was about downloads – legal or illegal – and how insurmountable their approach was once it realized something was hapening there.  Since that point, nothing has really tackled that issue head on. Until now.

The team behind Nicola Roberts new single Beat Of My Drum have done the impossible: delivered a track and the excitement for it without spending anything more than :30 to make it


thing to hear.

Let me say it again: 30 SECONDS. By doing so with small leaks of video and audio everyone across the pond – as much as they won’t admit it – have been waiting for today to hear the GING on Radio 1 and finally hear its three minutes of Diplo-Switch produced glory.

Who CARES what happens after this. She’s done it. Without an “official” leak, a website rip, anything, this song will be more than set to be number one next week on the most important chart in the world: the UK chart show in a week’s time. I’ll say it: Billboard lost it at SoundScan v. download battle of a decade past. Sorry, fight’s over, you can all go home.

Is the track anything new? Who’s to say. Could I have heard the same backing track on the intro portion of the video for the Beyonce video (:40 and :57 to be exact)? Perhaps. The important part is it’s done. It got my, yours and everyone’s attention and that is something that hasn’t happened in the last decade. Hold your tongue GaGas. Remember when a debut of a song wasn’t already pre-planned because you listened to that song more than a thousand times on your own playlist? That’s right.

Bad Romance. Heard it weeks prior. Hold It Against Me. Heard the demo prior to the track prior to the remixes prior to the “offical” debut.

This song. Loved :30 seconds. Loved 3 minutes and will love the minutes more to come. Thank you for the BEAT and thank you for the exercise in the right thing to do and then some …

PERHAPS you will be able to hear it hear before June 4: L.O.V.E.

(It’s alright darling sweetie, I would look exhausted at the end of that interview too …)

An Open Letter To All Music Lovers …

28 05 2011


Memorial Day Weekend is that odd time where people think of vacations but if you’re anything like me, escape is a hard thing to do when that oddity called “work” doesn’t let you get too far away from the homestead.

No bother, I offer you two album releases that can help anyone escape their day-to-day and find a little sonic vacation worth taking.

Consider each of these offering, and forward-thinking soldiers in the world of music, young “veterans” of the industry that, for whatever reason, haven’t found the right audience for global recognition. Sure, CockNBullKid has gotten amazing press from the shows at SXSW, touring with Duran Duran in the UK and finding great radio love across the pond with folks like Huw Stephens but would anyone here in the states truly know this band beyond hearing the name and thinking it sounded like a badly placed expletive in conversation? And, OK, I’ll give it to you, Patrick Wolf has been a darling of the underground music scene, even finding major label push from his ’06 release The Magic Position, but where is he on the US media radar: sadly, not a blip I tell you.

An open request to US music lovers everywhere, take in these two 2011 releases: ADULTHOOD from CockNBullKid and LUPERCALIA from Patrick Wolf and for your consideration, add them to some of your best releases of the year. Why? See below … Read the rest of this entry »


11 05 2011

(that's us but we're not married)

Just a decade ago, gay weddings seemed to be nothing more than an ordained lesbian friend officiating a spiritual ceremony for a few friends and your dog. Now, with many states legalizing and Illinois making baby steps, the fancy invites are rolling in and weekends are getting booked with gay weddings rivaling the spectacle of their hetero counterparts. Now I, at one time DJed weddings back in college, some bad, some good, some country, and I always stuck with a few rules and songs I refused to play out of principle. Flash forward 20ish years and it may be time to update that list.

No Play Zone:

  • Celebration by Kool & The Gang (replace with Madonna’s Celebrate). Nothing is more embarrassing than 15 African American men with no funk (also see later Commodores). This turd of a song was cute for a hot minute with it’s “Wa-Hoo!” chorus, but years and Cubs games have passed and its more cringe worthy than dance worthy.
  • Love Shack by B-52’s: Just have the DJ sample “Tin Roof, Rusted!” a 100 times. That’s all they’re waiting for anyway.  Or try the equally campy Groove Is In the Heart by Deeelite.  Diiig!!
  • Electric Slide or Cha Cha Slide (replace with any party rap track like Soulja Boy): Two great examples of bad funk for dumb white people.  Don’t do it, you’ll embarrass yourself. While Soulja Boy’s Crank Dat is equally terrible, at least its current. We’ll add it to the list in 10 more years.
  • We Are Family by Sister Sledge (replace with Family Affair by MJ Blige). No reason, Mary J just says Crunk like 100 times. Mix into her version of 50 Cent’s In Da Club.
  • The mother of all cliché’s YMCA by the Village People. These queens couldn’t be out at the time so straight folks, of course, loved them.  Replace with anything fun by OUT artists: Junior Senior, Elton, Ru, Jonny McGovern, or the late great Sylvester!  Do U Wanna Funk? Yes, but let’s do it right!  It’s OUR turn to create wedding cliché’s. Bring on the Gaga!