(our 200th post!) Bird Call’s Covers EP Other Creatures

4 08 2011

I’ve been sitting on Bird Call‘s Covers EP, Other Creatures for a month or so now trying to figure out what I think of it. Quirky female vocalists can go both ways with me: LOVE: Kate Bush, Bjork, or Missing Persons; NOT FOND OF: Macy Gray, The Knife or JoAnna Newsom (devil’s spawn).

If you start off with Chiara Angelicola’s (Bird Calls main woman) Doo Right you may get turned off by her vocal aerobatics which lean toward Nina Hagen and Newsome territory distracting you from the music. But if you start off with any other track like her Nick Cave cover Into My Arms or the heartbreaking single Beck’s Lost Cause, you hear past the trickery into genuine emotion. She really makes you forget their covers with her original voice and take on these tracks.

With all her unique qualities, there are surprisingly straightforward moments as well. Her covers of Fleetwood Mac’s cheesytastic later hit Little Lies gleams as bright as the original, and her take on Kate Bush’s The Man With The Child In His Eyes is a loving tribute to a woman she’s obviously listened to a time or two. She uses some of Kate’s same inflections, minus some of the vulnerabilty but much more emotion than Tina Arena’s white bread version from a few years back.  She also keeps Kate’s Piano arrangement while adding the best part, a lovely hammer dulcimer accompaniment which adds a bit more warmth than Kate’s.

Take a listen and let us know who what you think and what original female voices drive you crazy or take you to heaven.

Free download link to this track included: 


Clara May’s Rare Live Show @ Schuba’s

15 07 2011

Tom and Nicole

Big shout out to Fanatic Promotions fantastic new act Clara May as they’ve announced a show at Schuba’s with John Common on 8.8.11. If you’re not familiar with Clara May they’re not a person (think Pink Floyd, Hootie) but the core duo of Tom Silva and Nicole Sotelo. Tom and Nicoles music has a contrast I love, a bright acoustic based pop with almost a nineties college rock edge but their lyric explore dark territories such as genocide, colonialism and cultural identity.  Think American Music Club as done by Low covering Billy Bragg.

Clara May and their label have happily offered up a couple mp3’s to wet your whistle. Enjoy, and see you at Schuba’s on the 8th!


Hush (current single)

Going Global: Three choice cuts

14 06 2011

Passport? Who needs one when you can take a vacay via a few choice listens and downloads!

I bring you tasty cuts from around the globe that you can add to your visited destinations, feel a bit more cultured, in-the-know and jammin’-on-the-one.


The first comes from Iceland and a blast from the past: GusGus. Remember them? 90s heyday of triphop and good grooves that you could ‘believe’ in? Well, the group’s female vocalist HAFDIS HULD is still holding her own with backing tracks with TRICKY on his recent KNOWLE WEST BOY and this amazing little ditty below called ‘ACTION MAN’ from her recent solo release:

If that wasn’t enough, grab a track FREE from this adorable chanteuse of the great white North HERE.

Look for great things to come from this voice in the months ahead and check out more from her WONDERFUL WORLD here.


Now, off to Denmark and the spank-tastic electro duo of MASON.

We told you about their stellar release THEY ARE AMONG US with a special interview we did with the Dutch boys a few weeks back and wouldn’t you know it, they keep on delivering with a HAWT remix of their track featuring Matt Hales – also known as Aqualung – remixed by none other than REX THE DOG.

If that wasn’t enough Pete Tong tipped it as a stand-out track and the single (out July 18) will have additional Dave Seaman, Steve Aoki, Zombie Disco Squad and The Magician (LOVE!)

The DJ team have been working with a load of folk via their label Animal Language and you can nab the remix for LITTLE ANGEL HERE.


Finally, off to France for a track that I melted into courtesy of the folks behind Dailybeatz.com and a single that came out earlier this year from KEREN ANN.

The song was great enough on its own – MY NAME IS TROUBLE – but the tweaked out remix from the genius Walter Sobcek took it to another plane of consciousness. Sobcek has done some stellar remixes of PHOENIX and NIGHTWAVES but this one tears out her desperation and longing and makes it something other-worldy.

Check out that feature (written by yours truly) HERE, grab the remix, down it with some choice barbits and enjoy.

NOW, consider yourself a cross-continent globe-trotter!

— written by d_wall, a lover not a fighter for the world of music

Unexpected Bow From Bauhaus’ Peter Murphy

2 06 2011

Last I heard Peter Murphy, former leader of the legendary Bauhaus, was working on a follow up to 1984’s Dali’s Car collaboration with Japan bassist Mick Karn.  Sadly in January of this year, our beloved Mick passed away from cancer. So I fully expected some tracks or a full length Dali’s Car release when I heard Peter Murphy had something new in the can. To my surprise, Peter Murphy’s new CD, Ninth showed up in the mail today, with zero Dali’s Car action, but lots of action nonetheless.

Murphy’s solo release in seven years, took just a week to record and the urgency shows. Gone are his complex, slow ruminating moods tinged with well thought out electronic flourishes we loved from his nineties output (All Night Long, Cuts You Up) and instead we get a very free and oft times rocking old gent/vampire. Not that we’ve got a full on pop rock album here (though about half of this sounds like a good Ric Ocasek solo album) — on tracks like the very Bush-like Uneven & Brittle and Secret Silk Society he gets back to his Bauhaus dark core, and even tosses in a ballad at the end. But the biggest highlight is the Bauhaus referencing I Spit Roses, written after a long day in the studio recording their final album. On Spit, Murphy finally gives us a worth follow-up to his early solo heyday with layered vocals, anger and passion proving this old goth is still at the peak of his game.

(Dali’s Car’s final EP will be out later in 2011)

Download the new single here for free for a limited time!


Some classics for your reference and pleasure

All My Creepy Ladies!

21 05 2011

Sometimes I feel like we get washed away in musical trends that make no sense and we just can’t wait for it to pass (Dubstep, Autotune abuse), but occasionally the music world gets it right. I’ve been loving the gothic electronic sounds of bands like Salem, Creep, and Esben and the Witch all mixed in a steaming caldron of Siouxsie, Florence + The Machine, Diamanda Gallas, and Recoil creating the perfect storm of sexy and scary. Just the way I like it.

Tara Tati is Metal Mother

Now add a new name to this primal electronic mix, Metal Mother. MM, aka Tara Tati from Oakland, CA has just released her new album Bonfire Diaries and her tribal new video for Shake.

Finally a trend in music where strong women are free to be their freaky selves and not a mold of what the record labels have been asking of women for years. Have to give props to women like Patti Smith, Sinead O’Connor, PJ Harvey, Grace Jones, and even Gaga.  Years of chipping away at the system, we now are see a full blown wave of crazy chicks, and not just dribs and drabs. Now let’s hope this trend lasts longer than Electroclash or Riot Grrrl!

Get 2 of her new tracks for free here

Billy Cruz and Shake



Win a Signed Donna De Lory CD: Remixes

24 03 2011

If you’re a Madonna fan who’s missing her peak spiritual era a.k.a. the Ray of Light years, look now further than Donna De Lory‘s new colleciton, Remixes.  De Lory, also Madonna’s back up singer since 1986 along with Niki Haris, has put together a remix CD like only someone as spiritual as she can. Don’t look for dance floor burners, but soul burners here. Think Massive Attack (Sampled on the gorgeous He My Durga remixed by Mac Quayle) meets Enigma and a bit of 90’s Orb and the late great Mandalay (who Madonna touted once as her favorite band). Remixes is less a collection of 12″ singles and more of Donna’s electronic re-visitation of her last few CDs. With a consitently relaxing yet uplifting aura to it, Remixes will take you from rise to shine, to work and back and off into the night.

The very nice folks over at White Swan Records have sent us a copy of Donna’s Remixes to give away via DAA. Make a comment below or if you’re friends of us on Facebook, repost and we’ll draw a random winner by Monday.



Star Of Wonder

28 12 2010

The Wicker Park Choral Singers and our pal Matthew have kindly provided us with a recording of their December 4th concert (which I sadly missed, bad Moose). It’s a gorgeous and moving program focusing on the theme of looking to the heavens this time of year. Please enjoy and go check out more at Wickerparksings.org

Preview their recording of The Three Kings:

Download the entire concert here