Grammy Observations For the Short Attention Span

14 02 2011

I don't even know who I am!

Since I actually have a day job, and I hosted a Grammy Trivia Party at Crew Bar and Grill last night, I’m a bit tired and have to get to working for my money, but since a few folks have asked, I’m going to dot point a few thoughts on last nights show. Here goes.

  • Really? The first hour you gave out ONE award…and it was for Train? Not a good start.
  • Lady Gaga, have to say not too impressed. The song came off more bland than expected and that outfit was uninspiring. It seems like she’s going for unflattering on purpose now with the arm plates, the rubber mold and the psycho Dale Bozio hair.  Overall, not horrible, but she’s raised the bar too high for herself. This will bring it down, no problem.
  • While we’re talking Ladies: Antebellum. Good song. Good. Worthy of 5 Grammys? Not so much. (but PS, that Charles Kelley…cute!)
  • Stop saying Eminem got snubbed. He got two Grammys. That’s more than I have. Why is Best Rap Album a consolation prize now? Big honor. Shut up, media. And while we’re on it, Em, smile. You look like a grumpy lesbian.
  • I like to pride myself with stay abreast of music, but even I have no clue what Esperanza Spalding sounds like. If she even had a shot at that award, don’t you think the Grammy folks could have had her perform, even if it was with Janelle, Bruno and Bobby.  Also, lets look at her fellow nominees: Bieber, Drake, Florence and Mumford & Sons. None of them would have been a surprise and all should have beat her for sheer future potential. I’m sure artistically, she’s great, but the other 4 have all gone from nothing to huge over this year. That’s what the award is about.
  • I apologize to the Avett Brothers who played with Mumford & Sons and Bob Dylan. We thought you were Ray Lamontagne.  You boys are CUTE. Call me next time you party with Mumford. Grrr. Leave Dylan at the home. Bring Drake too.
  • Cee-Lo Green and Gwyneth Paltrow, ya’ll rocked my world. Awesome concept and execution! Brilliant front to back.
  • Finally Album of the Year: Kudos academy and Arcade Fire. They were the perfect choice. Great album all around. The other nominees weren’t event close: Katy and Em had spotty albums poorly reviewed; Gaga Fame Monster was just an expanded reissue of The Fame; and Lady A’s Need You Now, was not exactly a timeless work of art but a country retread of a lesser Fleetwood Mac album at best. What a way to end the night!!