Random Musing: Bananarama Edition

15 09 2010



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So today I had a Madness moment. “House of Fun” to be exact. God, I LOVE Madness. That led me to The Specials. Then Fun Boy Three. Ultimately made it to the amazing debut of Bananarama ft Fun boy Three “Really Saying Something”  Pure Perfection. Video after the Jump……..

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Yazoo Live on “Reconnected”

15 09 2010

the story remains the same if you'd take a look

Depeche Mode @ the Rose Bowl. Morrissey @ UCLA.  The Cure @ Dodger Stadium. Just a few of the iconic life altering shows that I have been fortunate enough to attend. In July of 2008 I got to add to that exclusive list. Yaz live. The show was the most fulfilling concert experience of my life. There was surprise of seeing a band I had loved for years that I never thought I would see. The raw emotion that came thru Allison Moyet was palpable. In today’s world of choreographed “don’t miss a step or change up a song  in the set”  standard, the excitement she displayed inbetween songs to not only the audience, but to Vince was something that I will NEVER forget.

Now thanks to my favourite label of all time, MUTE, we can relive the moments over and over again. “Yaz: Reconnected”

The soon-to-be classic  will be released on September 27th as a standard 2-CD set, a limited edition 2-CD deluxe edition contained in a 32-page hardback book, and via digital download. If you can’t wait until then to relive Yazoo’s 2008 ‘Reconnected’ tour then help is at hand courtesy of Mute Records who have set up the audio player below, now complete with four tracks from the album: ‘Nobody’s Diary’, ‘State Farm’, ‘Only You’ and ‘Ode To Boy’… enjoy!

R.I.P. Bionic 2010-2010

10 09 2010

Speaking at a press event for Burlesque (squeeeeeal!) X-tina let it slip that she is done with all things Bionic.

She said “The creative process that involved Bionic is over, I did what I wanted to do and I’m satisfied with it. If the album sells or if the songs are a hit, I don’t care and I don’t need to know it, I did my part and I gave 100% while I was doing it, and I’m proud of this work…The creative process is my thing, I’m an artist and once something is over, I look forward for what is next, and I don’t look back.”

Honey Honey Honey. You can spin it how you want. Mistakes were made. The first single. Although I loved “Not Myself Tonight”, the bi-sexual Madonna loving video that accompanied it had a “been there, done that” feel. Not a good quality to have. People didn’t want X-tina back. They wanted Christina back. The second problem was ignoring the fact that the first single was going nowhere fast, and not getting something else out pronto.

For me the album was uneven. The most spectacular proof of this was the interlude w/ hubby Bratman and their baby “singing like mama does” right after a song entitled “Sex For Breakfast”. Again. Ewwwwwwwwww. Not okay.

She has given us so much good music over the years and I want to end my critique of the Bionic era on a good note. “Vanity” should have been released as a single. It is as cocky as she wanted to be, but had the balls to back it up. It was a fun self assured romp that Queens all over the South are using as an anthem as we speak. It hurts me to think of the AMAZING remixes that could have been!!!!!

I know she is going to take a hit for Burlesque too- which although I will love- is basically going to be Showgirls Part 2. For me that is an amazing thing. For the mainstream media and middle of the road fans- not so much. Could this be the end of the Superstar?

Have a listen to “Vanity” below. Should it have been a single? Sound off below!

Christina Aguilera – Vanity by maxhipo

“Man Overboard!” with our Swedish Friends in LE KID!

9 09 2010

Super Cute Swedish Pop Takeover!

Oh you Swedes. I love you. No one in the world can do crazy catchy pop music like you. Katy Perry can try- but it’s just not the same. LE KID is back with their new video for “We Should Go Home Together”.
The dancing. The shirtless sailor boys. The outfits. The hooky chorus. Think Alphabeat– but not as indie. More accessible.

For once I can’t write a “true” expose on a band. Watch the video. Listen to a few tracks. You’ll learn everything you need to know.

Blog playlist by roxyrecordings

How Did You Know I Wanted a Flamingo?

9 09 2010

The Killers. The name of a band that either results in a swell of admiration or a moan of disapproval. I am in Camp Admiration. Since the Duran Duran-ish beginning (Hot Fuss) thru the “Boss of it all” on Sam’s Town, even to the Bowie/Elton vibe of Day & Age– I have swooned over them. And next week (today in the UK) the beloved front man, Brandon Flowers will release his first solo album, “Flamingo. The first single is “Crossfire”, a slow burning mid tempo ballad with a “killer” video starring the beautiful Charlize Theron as a ninja of sorts. Need I say more.

Non-smoking room,please. Strip View. Thanks.

I have had the chance to preview all of the tracks and I must say I LOVE this album. It could be the Killers new album and sit just fine. But it’s more than a Killers album. It is an album that lets B Flo tell his story his way. Using emotional word-play that not many US artists would touch with a ten foot pole. That kind of performance is usually regulated to our friends across the pond. But there is something totally Americana about Brandon. And it’s not just the references of Vegas or that little twinge of country you get when Jenny Lewis is signing backup on a track. It seems as if the war he is having with his emotions is real. Something we don’t get too often in this rap filled and American Idol society.

So moan in disapproval if you will, but thank you Mr. Flowers for not only being pretty but for giving some feeling to some music. It’s appreciated.

Check out the “Crossfire” video below:

Rihanna is “The Only Girl in the World”

8 09 2010

The Only Ri-Ri in the field.

Only one short year after the release of “Rated R” Princess RiRi is back with the first single off her upcoming album “LOUD”. I really LOVED “Rated R” and think that although dark it will go down as one of her greatest achievements when all is said and done. True it could have used a few more booming pop numbers to make sure it stood up to previous releases. But with “Hard” (my personal favourite), “Russian Roulette”, “Rude Boy” and the AMAZING remixes of “Rockstar 101” it did well enough and allowed Ri-Ri to vent and make her album her way. Four Top 10 singles off a “failed” album-Pay attention Kelly Clarkson- that’s how you make the album you want. You throw your fans a couple of bones.

The new single is entitled “The Only Girl in the World” and its a straight away pop hit, even if a little dated with it’s “Celebration”, Paul Oakenfold-y feel. Trust me when I tell you this will end up as one of the most remixed dance songs of the year. It is a softened Rihanna in looks and musically. Even the “hard” logo R has been softened on her single cover (above). Welcome back R. Thank god we didn’t have to miss you at all.

Listen to the new single below and sound off !
Rihanna – Only Girl by UnusualSinner

New Kylie Video…. (Gasp!)

3 09 2010

And it’s amazing. Aphrodite is another album that is inching it’s way toward “ALBUM OF THE YEAR”…..

FACE FACE FACE! Kylie serving up some serious FACE. (while throwing major SHADE)

Good Stuff.