Shiny Toy Guns Over the Sophomore Slump

25 07 2011

I was already giddy when I heard Shiny Toy Guns, one of my favorite current bands, was coming to our Northalsted Market Days, but really over the moon when I heard Carah, the original girl half of the vocals was back in the band after their toxic Season of Poison album in 2008 with a new lead singer. Seasons was a dismal and unispired sequel to their debut album, We Are Pilots (featuring the hit Le Disko) and sent many of their fans away wondering what happened to the exuberant young band with so much promise, already crumbling and turning out a shadow of their last album.

Well, they’re back in case you were wondering and from the sound of their first single, they haven’t missed a beat! Carah rightfully starts off the track, with co-vocalist Chad Petree following, as it should be. The track goes right back to their original dance rock sound, this time a bit more dance/electronic but still with the powerful punch that makes them beloved.

Wait, it gets better, you can get their new single AND a hot Human League reminiscent remix here and here. Their new album III hits stores this fall. STG hits Chicago Saturday, August 13th at 8:30pm.


Bonus treat, in 2009, Redmonkey and I did our top 10 remixes of all time. STG was my #2 with the unreleased (but get it here) Justin Skiles mix of You Are The One. Here you go. You’re welcome.


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