HOT SUMMER BREEZE: Review – Horse Meat Disco III

9 07 2011
OPEN 24/7 - HAWT new compilation from HORSE MEAT DISCO

OPEN 24/7 - HAWT new compilation from HORSE MEAT DISCO

Growing up I always thought I had been a lost soul that bit it a bit too soon (or was is just right?) from the darkened halls of Studio 54 at the height of its day in the late seventies. Strobe lights, smoke machines, coked up bangee boy/girl/shims, you know the drill. Maybe you don’t, but that’s ok. You know have the a new soundtrack to make sure you can step into your platforms, put a headband on and shimmy right into the dancefloor you could easily find under the light of the neon-lit back alleys of NYC, Libson, Berlin and London without leaving the comfort of your earphones.

Look, there you are, the one in the middle left, no your middle left. Damn Polaroid exposure ...

Enter the THIRD installment of Europe’s HAWT as HADES Eagle-style-disco-come-new-salsoul-sensation for the new millennium HORSE MEAT DISCO. Made up of DJ team James Hillard, Jim Stanton, Severino and Filthy Luka, this new comp has — seriously — 28 (TWENTY-EIGHT poeple!) tracks that grab from the era but merge into heights of 80s electro-groove and steaming NEW tracks that sound like they could have been popped out the Mork from Ork space egg.

The album dropped like its hot on the Fourth of July and we’ll be keeping the fireworks going with an exclusive interview with the HMD crew later next week but in the meantime, sho nuff, make your day tonight with an understanding of what you’d be listening to.

Impressed with the height of that rare disco side of sub-culture, HORSE MEAST DISCO (listen to a SOLID minimix HERE to get a little heap of heaven) is giving what it was putting down in a big way grabbing from little-known sides of the transistor airwaves like crooners GENE CHANDLER and MARCEL KING, disco collectives Fuzz Against Junk and Mungolian Jetset, chanteuse stylings of AVA CHERRY and TWO TONS OF FUN (a then not-so-known Martha Wash and Jocelyn Brown).

What??? You say you don’t know these acts? That’s the point. It’s like getting a coke-spoon of history courtesy of the crew and it feels OH-so-good. But it isn’t all dances down the groove museum, HORSE MEAT DISCO cleverly throw in brand-spankin’ new cuts from current mainstays DIMITRI FROM PARIS and WILD GEESE to keep your ear in tune and in check through the long-play-thumper.

HORSE MEAT DISCO continuously tours to push their archaeology of the crates to folks around the globe so use this as your guide and make your way to them to worship at the newly unearthed altar of retro-futuro these cats are doing the deed at. You won’t regret it.

NYC dates:
July 30 | Fire Island Pines | Pines Party
July 31 | NYC/Brooklyn | Mister Sunday
Sep 3 | NYC/Queens | PS1 Warm Up

TO MAKE IT DISCO SWEAT SWEETER, the HORSE MEAT DISCO have a free mp3 you can get on down with HERE.

Have a question for the crew? Check out this interview with to get your noggin goin and leave it in the comments this weekend to see if it comes in our helping of HORSE MEAT DISCO Q&A in the weeks to come. Now dance to the light fantastic our little stallions and fillies!



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