Cocaine Blues, Escorts, and Other Obsessions for Summer

10 06 2011

Not going to get too wordy here as I’m all about the fun today! It’s fucking Friday of Midsommarfest Weekend!  Every so often a key disco track hits me hard. So hard, I have to listen to it over and over and over till I’ve built up a tiny cult to worship it with me. Today I logged onto The W’s site, Symmetry Sounds (thanks for the tip, Dane!) and by the third track in the Wet Deck playlist, I found my love. Escort’s Cocaine Blues takes me right back to the disco I don’t remember: Rufus, The Cruisaders, Odyssey.

“A chick in a car and the car won’t go, that’s how we spell Chicago!”

Live is even hotter:

You can get the single legit free at their site


A couple others that have come before:


Putting the Night On Hold by Lauren Grey

Love Sensation 2006 by Lolleata Holloway

Out of Control featuring Paul Parker by Wolfram




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