Unexpected Bow From Bauhaus’ Peter Murphy

2 06 2011

Last I heard Peter Murphy, former leader of the legendary Bauhaus, was working on a follow up to 1984’s Dali’s Car collaboration with Japan bassist Mick Karn.  Sadly in January of this year, our beloved Mick passed away from cancer. So I fully expected some tracks or a full length Dali’s Car release when I heard Peter Murphy had something new in the can. To my surprise, Peter Murphy’s new CD, Ninth showed up in the mail today, with zero Dali’s Car action, but lots of action nonetheless.

Murphy’s solo release in seven years, took just a week to record and the urgency shows. Gone are his complex, slow ruminating moods tinged with well thought out electronic flourishes we loved from his nineties output (All Night Long, Cuts You Up) and instead we get a very free and oft times rocking old gent/vampire. Not that we’ve got a full on pop rock album here (though about half of this sounds like a good Ric Ocasek solo album) — on tracks like the very Bush-like Uneven & Brittle and Secret Silk Society he gets back to his Bauhaus dark core, and even tosses in a ballad at the end. But the biggest highlight is the Bauhaus referencing I Spit Roses, written after a long day in the studio recording their final album. On Spit, Murphy finally gives us a worth follow-up to his early solo heyday with layered vocals, anger and passion proving this old goth is still at the peak of his game.

(Dali’s Car’s final EP will be out later in 2011)

Download the new single here for free for a limited time!


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