“Don’t it make your heart go wow …”

2 06 2011

Swing your bat and don't look back.

It’s OK Nicola, you can come to the front of class. Don’t worry about coming through the window. Your bedazzled shoes are allowed even to this discriminating eye.

Beat of my Drum represents one of the most successful post-download era campaigns I have seen in my years in the music industry. Now, my “years” in the music industry have been for the most part, the outside looking in. Those years have been able to put a questioning eye on the direction of the industry, how ridiculously non-plus it was about downloads – legal or illegal – and how insurmountable their approach was once it realized something was hapening there.  Since that point, nothing has really tackled that issue head on. Until now.

The team behind Nicola Roberts new single Beat Of My Drum have done the impossible: delivered a track and the excitement for it without spending anything more than :30 to make it


thing to hear.

Let me say it again: 30 SECONDS. By doing so with small leaks of video and audio everyone across the pond – as much as they won’t admit it – have been waiting for today to hear the GING on Radio 1 and finally hear its three minutes of Diplo-Switch produced glory.

Who CARES what happens after this. She’s done it. Without an “official” leak, a website rip, anything, this song will be more than set to be number one next week on the most important chart in the world: the UK chart show in a week’s time. I’ll say it: Billboard lost it at SoundScan v. download battle of a decade past. Sorry, fight’s over, you can all go home.

Is the track anything new? Who’s to say. Could I have heard the same backing track on the intro portion of the video for the Beyonce video (:40 and :57 to be exact)? Perhaps. The important part is it’s done. It got my, yours and everyone’s attention and that is something that hasn’t happened in the last decade. Hold your tongue GaGas. Remember when a debut of a song wasn’t already pre-planned because you listened to that song more than a thousand times on your own playlist? That’s right.

Bad Romance. Heard it weeks prior. Hold It Against Me. Heard the demo prior to the track prior to the remixes prior to the “offical” debut.

This song. Loved :30 seconds. Loved 3 minutes and will love the minutes more to come. Thank you for the BEAT and thank you for the exercise in the right thing to do and then some …

PERHAPS you will be able to hear it hear before June 4: L.O.V.E.

(It’s alright darling sweetie, I would look exhausted at the end of that interview too …)




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