All My Creepy Ladies!

21 05 2011

Sometimes I feel like we get washed away in musical trends that make no sense and we just can’t wait for it to pass (Dubstep, Autotune abuse), but occasionally the music world gets it right. I’ve been loving the gothic electronic sounds of bands like Salem, Creep, and Esben and the Witch all mixed in a steaming caldron of Siouxsie, Florence + The Machine, Diamanda Gallas, and Recoil creating the perfect storm of sexy and scary. Just the way I like it.

Tara Tati is Metal Mother

Now add a new name to this primal electronic mix, Metal Mother. MM, aka Tara Tati from Oakland, CA has just released her new album Bonfire Diaries and her tribal new video for Shake.

Finally a trend in music where strong women are free to be their freaky selves and not a mold of what the record labels have been asking of women for years. Have to give props to women like Patti Smith, Sinead O’Connor, PJ Harvey, Grace Jones, and even Gaga.  Years of chipping away at the system, we now are see a full blown wave of crazy chicks, and not just dribs and drabs. Now let’s hope this trend lasts longer than Electroclash or Riot Grrrl!

Get 2 of her new tracks for free here

Billy Cruz and Shake




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