Why Aren’t There More Songs About The Golden Girls?

22 04 2011

With a little help from fellow Big Gay Sketch Show alum, Michael Serrato as director, and the hilarious Nadya Ginsberg as Rose, Jonny McGovern debuted his newest viral video and first single off his new Golden Girls EP today: Take Me To St. Olaf.

Yes, that’s right, a loving homage to the sweetest girl, Rose Nylund. The new video, shot partially in front of the real Golden Girls exterior in Brentwood, was done in just a few days with the home part done guerrilla style by Michael and Jonny. The result is anything but rushed. Jonny delivers a silky smooth Teddy Pendergrass-ish ballad showing his true love for the iconic character. Funny yet sweet with touches of granny love. If his vocals and production are this tight on a quick video and EP, I can’t wait to see what he pulls off for his new solo album in June and Quick Starter funded accompanying multi-video project promoting it as well.

Jonny McGovern in front of the actual GG house!

Check out the new EP with 2 more tracks: Zbornak and Blanche Deveraux right here.




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