Bridge Between Hard Rock and Dance Destroyed: Skrillex

4 03 2011

Rock and dance have had a rather up and down Cox/Arquette relationship over the years. Rock music basically started out as “dance music” but as lines between black and white music became more distinct with rock becoming more white and dance becoming more ethnic and gay through the 60’s and into the 70’s, there was a very wide line drawn by the disco era. Rock acts like The Rolling Stones, KISS, Blondie,  Queen, and Rod Stewart tried to work in the rock beat to hit records, but failed cred, while disco acts like Donna Summer and The Village People tried rocking it, only  to fail. After that, the cold war was on and disco was dead, leaving the burgeoning dance music of 80’s keyboard bands far from rocking.

In recent years acts like The Killers, Scissor Sisters and Linkin Park have lifted the unwritten ban on crossing dance and rock in a truly quality and finally respectable. So the next step then is for a full on rocker to go full on dance, with no reservations.

Finally Skrillex is going there.  Project/band came out of the mind of guitarist Sonny Moore of the post hardcore (think crappy bands from the Warped Tour) band From First to Last, with screaming frat boy vocals and bravado, its far from anything fun. However his  new EP, Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites (out now on Big Beat/Atlantic) however is all fun for all. With a mix of straight up Jersey Shore house and British Dubstep, Sonny takes his guitar influence of shredding and grinding and puts them to his mousepad creating a dirty, manipulating seduction of a record. Outside the grind, he even takes it mainstream dance for two delicious vocal tracks, Without You Friends and All I Ask Of You (not from Phantom!).  And you really get your money’s worth on this one – on top of 5 great new tracks, you get remixes by Bare Noize, Zedd and Noisa that never break the mood of this prelude to Skrillex’s long awaited full length CD. Maybe with this musical bridge we will draw a few more of those hot straight boys onto the dance floor.


07 Scary Monsters And Nice Sprites (Noisa Remix)

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