Moose’s Top Albums of 2010

31 12 2010

As time’s gone by, I, like most American’s have gotten less about albums and more about singles, just like we went back to 1955. So when going over my top singles of the year, and annual event for me for 15 years, I was struck by home many albums that I loved, didn’t have that one key single to make the cut. So, here, judged on a whole as an album, and not by the songs themselves, my top full lengths of 2010.

Robyn ruled the nest in 2010

  1. Robyn – Body Talk (the culmination of the 2 EPs and the full length was a pop event that Kylie and Madonna have never touched)
  2. Scissor Sisters – Night Work (Producer Stuart Price did for SS, what Mark Ronson did for Duran this year: tapped into their heart for a glimpse into what we always knew was there.  Slicker and sexier than ever)
  3. Cee Lo Green – The Lady Killer (Fuck You isn’t even the hottest song on this flawless soul album. He’s crazy/genius)
  4. Janelle Monae – The ArchAndroid (not since Grace Jones has a black female sing gone so crazy, ambitious and brilliant. This is who Kelis could be)
  5. Kelis – Flesh Tone (best effort of her career. She was playing it like the gays, and not Nas, were listening)
  6. Tracey Thorn – Love and Its Opposites (the first solo effort where I’ve not missed her partner Ben Watt)
  7. Salem – King Night (if you like Crystal Castles but want to feel like you’re constantly terrified, try this horror/electro/crunk masterpiece)
  8. Girl Talk – All Day (first CD the mash master has put out that sounds like his live show: a non-stop consistent party thta never lets up. and did i tell you the album is FREE?)
  9. Hurts – Happiness (completely bringing back the spirit of the fancy Brit keyboard New Romantic sounds but doing it BETTER than the originals. Fans of Tears for Fears or Human League, pay attention)
  10. OMD – History of Modern (first full album by full band in decades. sounds like they never left the 80’s, in a good way)

and some honorable mentions that i also LOVED: Bryan Ferry’s Olympia, Neil Young’s Le Noise, Bruce Springsteen’s The Promise, Eric & The Adams’ EP, Voxbox’s vx/bx, Audra (Liza’s cousin) Mae’s Little Bird, Robert Plant’s Band of Joy





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1 01 2011

Yeah, we were DEFINITELY on the same wavelength. I forgot alllll about Robert Plant’s Band of Joy. That was an excellent album. And I wanted to put Kelis on mine too, but there were soooo many albums floating in my head she just fell through the cracks. Great live show though. All in all great list!! I approve

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