OMD Loves You

3 11 2010

The generous gang over at Blue Noise/Bright Antenna have graciously given us not only  a free OMD remix for our readers, but a handful of OMD’s new full length CD, History of Modern. HOM is a complete return to form for the band that hasn’t actually done a “band” album since 1986’s Pacific Age, although Paul did soldiered on under the name solo for 4 more LP’s. Fans of the old sound will be thrilled to hear the original guys back and keep the now vintage OMD sound for most of the album. And for those fans of those last 4 Paul-heavy releases, the new single, Sister Marie Says, will be totally up your alley. All in all the entire reunion is pure synth pop heaven.

Get your free, insanely hot, Monarchy Remix of Sister Marie Says here: OMD_Sister_Marie_Says_Monarchy’s _Twin Galaxies_ Remix.

And if you’d like to win copies of OMD’s History of Modern, drop us an email at and answer: After OMD, co-founder Andy McCluskie went on to create, produce and write for what 90’s girl pop band?






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