An Embarrassment of Reissue Riches!

9 10 2010

Our friends over at The Ideal Copy have, as usual, rounded up the best of the best of the best of 80’s and 90’s reissues. So much that I had to focus and round up the very very best ones and share the expanded joy with you!

Faith/George Michael:  Harken back to when George was just the worst kept gay secret with a huge solo debut and not a pot smoking, pill popping, trucker sucking, photomat crasher. Faith get the super deluxe treatment with double CD, double with DVD, boxed set or LP versions. With the exception of some pretty choice rare b-sides, we’ve seen all this before, just not compiled so lovingly. It’s a lotta Faith.

Not on the boxed set but too hot to sit on: Freemasons’ I Want Your Sex Remix:

While we patiently wait for someone to pull their heads out of their asses and get The Smiths catalog updated, we can enjoy one of Moz’s best solo set’s in new glory. Bona Drag expands to two CDs featuring a bonus disc of rarities and b-sides that I’m betting even the biggest Morrissey fan might be lacking. I, for one, didn’t have any of them. Biggest coup for me was Morrissey’s original version of Please Help The Cause Against Loneliness given to Sandi Shaw for her comeback album.

Demo of Please Help The Cause (w/Sandi Shaw)

After doubling up the love for the wonderful Finisterre and Tiger Bay, this month Saint Etienne does the same for the amazing Tales From the Turnpike and the just OK Good Humour. My advice is to delve into Tales and Finisterre first and leave the others to the fans before moving further. But whatever level of fandom you’re on, these expanded deluxe versions contain more rare tracks than the actual original albums!

My favorite: New Thing from Finisterre

Make sure you pop over to for these and more goodies by Propaganda, OMD, Concrete Blonde and more all the time.




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