A Wealth of Great New Artists on DAA

9 10 2010

I seem to get more free stuff now as a blogger than in my Musicland Sam Goody heydays. Not complaining at all. In fact, I get BETTER music now as a rule. But some gets lost in my inbox. Here’ are some amazing new artists I’ve gotten hipped to lately that I just have to share!

Bill Roberts’ California collective, The Red River, recently released Little Songs About The Big Picture, an intimate collection of vignettes embracing life and the little stories going on all around. Reminiscent of Bon Iver, Kings of Convenience, a less aware Sufjan Stevens, and especially the songwriting style of the soon to be defunct Casiotone for the Painfully Alone in his minimalism and everyday observations.


When We Are Wild

If you’re digging The Red River’s knack for intimacy, Kori Pop, will satisfy the girly side of that craving. Fans of Chicago’s Imelda De La Cruz, A Fine Frenzy or St. Vincent will want to snap up her diverse yet consistent debut album, From the Outskirts. You can here the whole CD and get her single free right now over at bandcamp: http://koripop.bandcamp.com/

SETI-X’s new collection is a bit of a headscratcher. They’ve taken the 1977 Voyager recordings, sounds sent up into space on an LP in case aliens find it, and remixed and mashed the hell out of it. The result is a mind blowing trip (or trek) into the vast reaches of your music knowledge. Can’t really compare it to much but if you’re fans of Voxbox, Girl Talk, Avalanches or The Dust Brothers and can appreciate a good sound collage, you’re in for a ride.

Download my favorite, Visit To The Observatory





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