How Did You Know I Wanted a Flamingo?

9 09 2010

The Killers. The name of a band that either results in a swell of admiration or a moan of disapproval. I am in Camp Admiration. Since the Duran Duran-ish beginning (Hot Fuss) thru the “Boss of it all” on Sam’s Town, even to the Bowie/Elton vibe of Day & Age– I have swooned over them. And next week (today in the UK) the beloved front man, Brandon Flowers will release his first solo album, “Flamingo. The first single is “Crossfire”, a slow burning mid tempo ballad with a “killer” video starring the beautiful Charlize Theron as a ninja of sorts. Need I say more.

Non-smoking room,please. Strip View. Thanks.

I have had the chance to preview all of the tracks and I must say I LOVE this album. It could be the Killers new album and sit just fine. But it’s more than a Killers album. It is an album that lets B Flo tell his story his way. Using emotional word-play that not many US artists would touch with a ten foot pole. That kind of performance is usually regulated to our friends across the pond. But there is something totally Americana about Brandon. And it’s not just the references of Vegas or that little twinge of country you get when Jenny Lewis is signing backup on a track. It seems as if the war he is having with his emotions is real. Something we don’t get too often in this rap filled and American Idol society.

So moan in disapproval if you will, but thank you Mr. Flowers for not only being pretty but for giving some feeling to some music. It’s appreciated.

Check out the “Crossfire” video below:




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