Rihanna is “The Only Girl in the World”

8 09 2010

The Only Ri-Ri in the field.

Only one short year after the release of “Rated R” Princess RiRi is back with the first single off her upcoming album “LOUD”. I really LOVED “Rated R” and think that although dark it will go down as one of her greatest achievements when all is said and done. True it could have used a few more booming pop numbers to make sure it stood up to previous releases. But with “Hard” (my personal favourite), “Russian Roulette”, “Rude Boy” and the AMAZING remixes of “Rockstar 101” it did well enough and allowed Ri-Ri to vent and make her album her way. Four Top 10 singles off a “failed” album-Pay attention Kelly Clarkson- that’s how you make the album you want. You throw your fans a couple of bones.

The new single is entitled “The Only Girl in the World” and its a straight away pop hit, even if a little dated with it’s “Celebration”, Paul Oakenfold-y feel. Trust me when I tell you this will end up as one of the most remixed dance songs of the year. It is a softened Rihanna in looks and musically. Even the “hard” logo R has been softened on her single cover (above). Welcome back R. Thank god we didn’t have to miss you at all.

Listen to the new single below and sound off !
Rihanna – Only Girl by UnusualSinner




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