More Greatness from New Zealand- The Naked & Famous

2 09 2010

In a field. In New Zealand. Where the good music is made.

From the land that brought us LadyHawke- we now have another reason to love NZ!

The Naked and Famous are a 5 piece synth rock outfit that takes the etherial 80’s feel of M83 and amps it up a notch or three. Their new single “Young Blood” went straight to number one in NZ and the remixes hit every style imaginable. From the electro synth funk of Swedish duo “The Sound of Arrows” remix – to the blissed out style of the mellow dubstep Pink Ganters mashup.

Here is the video of the album cut, and down below check out the Sound of Arrows remix! Enjoy!

The Naked & Famous drop “Passive Me, Aggressive You” on Sept 10th.

Naked and Famous “Young Blood”(The Sound of Arrows Remix)Download HERE




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