From TVLand to Bargain Bin

3 08 2010

Yes, Kristy McNichol DID sing

In the past few weeks I’ve notice two pop/dance “diva’s” albums take two different turns. As Kylie Minogue’s Aphrodite becomes her highest debuting CD of her career, Leighton Meester’s still unreleased CD sits on Universal’s shelf, since its announcement and failed single back in October 2009. These two have more in common than having a slick sound, great shoes and weighing as much as large house cats. Both came from being known as TV actresses (Gossip Girl and Neighbors) with hopes of a big music career. One with a 20 year plus career, one not so much.

So what is it that makes it for so few and breaks it for more than a few?

Could it be talent? While there’s no doubt that the landscape of TV is littered with tone deaf (Cheryl Ladd, Tootie) and over-singers (Dixie and Lynda Carter) many actresses have very nice passable voices which if not great, are Jennifer Lopez, Hilary…not Haley…Duff, and Alanis Morisette have all made pretty decent music…some more than others, but they’re all decent singers.

So if it’s not talent, what is it. The formula seems to have been solved by Disney. They seemed to get it right early on with the 90’s Mickey Mouse Club spawning Britney, X-Tina, and Justin Timberlake. The key formula is today as it was then. Introduce the music with the acting as a slow brainwashing so that you see them as multi-talented and it’s not a shock when they do put out the CD. It still works to this day with successes by Miley and Selena Gomez.

So, Leighton, you may have missed the boat by being the bitch, not the chanteuse, on GG, but maybe Kylie could still use one more backing singer on her next tour. You can sing, right?




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