The X-tina Problem

28 07 2010

Wow. WTF happened to Christina Aguilera? No really. I’m concerned for her. What kind of twisted world has arguably the most talented voice of a generation not even able to get her 2nd single off her “comeback” album into the iTunes top 200? (the top 250 for that matter…)

What kind of world has the trainwreck that is Britney Spears charting (highly too!) with crap like “3”  just months earlier? And I refuse to acknowledge “The Lady Gaga Effect”. Seriously. Yes- Lady Gaga is great. Yes- she helped change the landscape of music. But if one more person brings up her name in EVERY pop music discussion from Kylie to X-tina to Kelly C. I’ve had it. She is NOT the world people. Britney and Christina both had phenomenal careers at the same time back in the day. There is no reason that there can’t be room for all @ the Pop Music Buffet.

OK so “Not Myself Tonight” although a GREAT song, got lost in what we will call the “overt sexuality and Madonna worship of it all” video. I get it. I do. But then she comes back with the classic Christina of  “You Lost Me”. Lost indeed. Isn’t that what you wanted? She even brought back her 1990’s hair!

"Calling all X-tina and Christina Fans.... WHERE ARE U?!"

The whole situation is confusing. Even though there is no “theme” for the album it is a well crafted and catchy piece of work. Minus of course the interlude w/ hubby Bratman and their baby “singing like mama does” right after a song entitled “Sex For Breakfast” – ewwwww.

We need to get to the bottom of this now. The future of  POP music may be at stake people. We must solve the mystery.

What are your thoughts of this whole situation? And NO LADY GAGA talk here. Not on this post. 😉

Watch the new (and already tanking on the charts) “You Lost Me” below:




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