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1 06 2010

If church looked like this, I'd GO!

It’s no news flash that the Mo’s that write this blog worship almost daily @ the church of Kylie, but did we get the surprise of our LIVES when we read a recent Billboard.com article that tracked the sales of Ms. Minogue’s perfectly pop masterpiece “X” as only selling 39,000 copies stateside.

This is probably for a couple of reasons. 1- Internet pirating. 2- Little to no US promotion. 3- Six month lag time between UK/US release.

After carefully considering all 3 reasons above I blame numbers 2 and 3 the most.

There was little to NO promotion from the label here in the US  and the choice of the SHIT 1st single (forgive me Kylie, for I have sinned- speaking blasphemy!) that had our dance goddess shaking her ass to slower beats to appeal to the ” URBAN” market. Do these record company suits have any idea of who actually listens to her? Ummmm hello?! (hint: @ right——>)

The good news is we should see better numbers for “Aphrodite” as the album is due for release only one day after is UK debut. And this time around Asralwerks/EMI is handling the American release. They know a little about dance music.(Hooray Chemical Bros.)  More so than the losers over @ moldy Capital Records ever did.

Are you looking fwd to Aphrodite?


No Doubt is in a Hollywood studio putting together an album of  pop goodness this week.

The Mayor of "THE OC" and her boys are @ it again!

They have been  listening to songs they loved from the 1980s for inspiration. “Pop songs, one-hit wonders, nifty songs, things like that. You just go back and find things that you love, and try to figure out how they made them,” Stefani said. “We just listen to good songs, and then writing our own stuff, we try to pull it out wherever we can.”

I for one, can’t wait. But I’m from Orange County. They played my high school @ lunch. So I’m prob a little biased. Do you think ND still has “it”?

Courtney Love is selling the Nirvana Catalog for £108 MIL. A new face is pending.

George A. Romero's "Coutney of the Dead"

That is all……




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1 06 2010

I think its possible I like Gwen/No Doubt more and more as years go by. So excited!!

1 06 2010

Big ups for this post.
EMI US is notorious for letting a radio track run on empty and putting nothing behind it unless radio responds first, not the push of fans. Compound this with the fractured EMI / Capitol / Astralwerks clustereff they subjected “X” too at that time it’s no wonder they did such a bad job.
‘Speakerphone’, ‘The One’, ‘Like A Drug’ all would have been better choices than ‘All I See’. Especially when the EXACT same beat was released from Jordin Sparks (‘One Step At A Time’), they should have shifted to ANY other single to make this work here. I hope a lot of heads rolled after that …

1 06 2010

I am beyond excited for No Doubt. I saw them last year at Bamboozle and in VA. So good it’s ridic. I miss them so so much. And I’m glad that Kylie is FINALLY going to get the backing she deserves. Long time coming. Not surprised that “X” didn’t sell much. I didn’t see any promotion anywhere for it. I didn’t even know she had the cd out. I had to order it about a year later as an IMPORT for Buddha’s sake…so sad.

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