I like, “The Like”

27 05 2010

Me likey.

Oh pretty pretty 60’s garage girls.

How could I not love the hand-clapping, shimmy shimmy, my boyfriend doesn’t deserve me combo that these fine ladies are serving up?

I stumbled upon “THE LIKE” earlier in the week and am glad I did. Looks like they have teamed with the one and only (and hot) Mark Ronson for album number dos. Good move gals.

The first single off the album titled “Release Me” is “He’s Not a Boy”. The spot on 60’s vid shows my new fave four playing a stuffy party in a mansion while a perfectly dressed beautiful group of mods and rockers do their best mashed potato, and twisting as their life depended on it. In other words this video is 1960’s heaven.

Have a look @ the video below.

Also have a listen to  “Fair game”, also off the “Release Me” disc.




One response

27 05 2010

Loving that video hard! Shot so perfectly.

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