Chad here. Ready for some yummy POP goodness?

27 05 2010

Hello DAA Pals. My name is Chad and I am a pop-a-holic.

I do. I really, really do.

And I’m here to help M00se and Monkey fill some space on this blog.

A little about me in a nutshell:

I like the ladies. No not like that, but I really love me a gaggle of gals singing. I’m a total sucker for them. Give a girl a mic and I’m usually there. So you will be hearing alot of female voices from me.

I’m also kinda stuck in the 80’s still. Synth’s still rule in my book.

I think that most pop from the USA sucks. But those Brits sure know their way around a good record.

Don’t be surprised @ some post out of the blue that will be 80’s country. Or if a little Yacht Rock floats onto the scene.

It really is a mixed bag as far as music goes for me. So let’s get going. I look forward to hearing from y’all.




One response

27 05 2010

Welcome baby!! You’ve got good taste in pop and are usually 5 steps ahead of me on anything British! xoxo

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