Madonna vs. Kylie…indeed

7 05 2010

By now my Chicago friends are dead sick of me mentioning my Kylie vs. Madonna night tonight at Wild Pug, but I have to say something. My friend Joel, who has been a Kylie consultant on this venture asked me to check out the 2 below videos of Kylie (Cowboy Style) and Madonna (Into the Groove)  on tour. One from the past year…one from the mid 90’s.  Now, I know Madonna doesn’t necessarily do her own staging or choroeography, but some homo should have pointed out the many many ways she ripped off Kylie from her Fever tour: jump-ropes, hip hop, Keith Harring style animation, rap samples, etc.  Its pretty hilarious. I don’t blame Madge, but she needs to gets some better mo’s, and maybe a good lawyer. Ha!

info on tonight’s battle:!/event.php?eid=114696171878430&ref=mf




One response

7 05 2010

No, blame Madge. She’s been ripping everybody and their momma off for years!

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