Human League vs. She Wants Revenge

23 03 2010

I was just listening to Human League’s Dare CD in the car and it finally hit me after 4 years where exactly She Wants Revenge took their sound. I was thinking more goth-Bauhaus with the very Bela Lugosi intro, but this synth pop track was right under my big nose. Take a listen to both and tell me what you think.

Human League’s Seconds

She Wants Revenge’s Tear You Apart

The vocals are kinda dead on.




2 responses

23 03 2010

They both sound like The Killers to me, so despite the chronological order of release I’m going to credit Brandon Flowers because he’s hot. :o) And yes, definitely Peter Murphy too. Bauhaus and Human League formed about the same time, so who knows. I’d never heard that “Seconds” song, so thanks for schooling me. :o)

23 03 2010

Both of these: :o) should have been these: 🙂

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