C*nty Done Right, Ke$ha!

16 03 2010

I’m really not feeling this Ke$ha chick with her just f*cked hair, thin vocals and childish lyrics. Sounds like maybe she’s trying to tap into old-fashioned c*nty attitude and failing, unless you’re a 23-year-old white gay boy or his corresponding hag. Let’s school the children on c*nty attitude: real, tucked or snipped in shape.

To cut to the point, C*nty is simple ballsy, but for ladies, and those mens who look like ladies. It’s all in the confidence. Of course the queen of cunty is the legendary Kevin Aviance.

And in a bit more of a traditional vein, Jade Elektra, who never had the career Kevin has, holds one of the best of NYC’s bitch tracks (She’s Tyler Moore is close), lost somewhere in a pre-911 world.

And obviously they’re not be c*nty without a few actually C’s. The best of which is my girl, Princess Superstar, who, like the above divas and Amanda Lepore, has been touched by the legendary Larry Tee. Her older single Licky is currently heading up the charts remade by Shontelle, but her first real hit, I’m Perfect, is still one of my favorites. Part of loving this attitude is taking it all with a grain of salt. Realizing she doesn’t actually think she’s perfect, but if she says it enough, you’ll believe. And do I need to mention a certain Lady Gaga lifted a bit of her East Village aura?  

And finally a band we’ve touted her on DAA twice, Parralox, giving you some down-under c*nty. I’m guessing the fact that most Aussies didn’t get the NYC tongue and check attitude, was the reason they didn’t 100% blow up in their own country. But I’m holding out hope us US boys and girls still get the joke and can all be a bit more c*nty.




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30 03 2010

How about poor little rich girl Cristina? She was one of my favorite 80’s bitch.

8 04 2010
Colby Donahoo

I saw ke$ha live last month, shes such a cool artist

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