When I Think Of You, I Shake My Ass

26 02 2010

DAA Exclusive! DJ Voxbox will debut his new mashup/remix of the classic When I Think Of You by Janet Jackson tonight at the Wild Pug in Chicago for our Moosebox Old Skool Nite!!

Voxbox, aka Nevin Hirsh, did a great job of melding the old, Janet (and sometimes chunky) with the young, sleek and synthy. Janet’s classic Jam/Lewis groove flows nicely over Geriatrics by John Tejada & Arian Leviste, then Keypunch by Jitzu & Sire G, then Micro Schlenker by Dr.Nojoke.

When_I_Think_of_U__Micro-Geriatric_Remash (right click to download)

Check out more of his mashups and mixes here for free http://tonecardsounds.com/




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