Attention Europe, we’re over here!

11 02 2010

Visual assitance for the Chicago impaired

Yesterday should have been an exciting day. A new email was in my inbox from one of my all time favorite pop bands, a-ha.  Don’t laugh. There’s more to them than Take On Me and a pretty face. This band has been on and off churning out progressively better and better adult alternative and high-end pop for the past 25 years with little disappointment outside of the lack of live appearances in the U.S. They did one gig in NYC back when they were promoting Take On Me and their debut CD, Hunting High and Low back in 1986. In 2005, they did a random, one-off live concert at New York’s Irving Plaza which sold out in 52 minutes and was a critical and fan favorite. You’d think then, when announcing their final tour of their careers and that they’d be doing U.S. shows that they’d really dig into their U.S. fan base. Not so. They’re doing three NY shows, and two L.A. with one in each town sold out. Hey, a-ha, you think you might have a huge U.S. fan base? Like Kylie Minogue found out last year, and Alison Moyet of Yaz failed to see the year before, when they snubbed us on her solo tour, U.S. record sales mean little when it comes to ticket demand. Kylie, who sells out arenas worldwide, was shocked and stunned at the reaction she got in the midwest especially, when she decided to book something here. Her concert sold out in no time and was soon moved to a larger venue.  Her people clearly had no clue prior to arrival.

Morten, still hot

With illegal downloads and before that import CD sales, there’s little way to gauge demand in the U.S. for European artists with sub par or no U.S. label. Somehow this has to change as we watch the rest of the civilized world get love from Robbie Williams, Faithless, Simply Red, Spandau Ballet, and now my former loves, a-ha. Don’t underestimate our love, you crazy Nords. Ask Erasure, La Roux, Adelle, Depeche Mode,  and Pet Shop Boys how much the midwest loves a European act.  The love is there for you. Now time to show some back.




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11 02 2010

Well said, Marc. If I weren’t so close to SF I would never get to see some of the acts that I really enjoy. Little Boots is coming back next month and Florence + The Machine is doing super small venues in April. I hope that Kylie learns from her NA tour and comes back the next time around!

13 05 2010

Hey Marc,

I wish you’d turn your attention to Goldfrapp, who is snubbing Chicago YET AGAIN! So upsetting. In any case, I’ll be at the a-ha show tonight, so I’ll see you there!

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