Parallox deserve Hotter

26 01 2010

Amy Amii Jackson of ParraloxIn a time of internet overload where music fans like me actually have too much music to listen to, we often assume no stone has gone unturned in our favorite genre in respect to new music. At the click of a link, we’re connected to the newest Ukranian rock band or the hottest new Swedish rapper (yes, they do have them and they’re good). But sometimes the digital gods fail us and a band, who by all rights, should be superstars, falls through the cracks. Such is the case with the band Parralox who, despite some blogger hype, failed to make much of a mark on the face of pop music in 2009. Hopefully with their smoking hot second CD, State of Decay, the gorgeous duo of Brit AmyJackson and Aussie John Von Ahlen this crime will be remedied.  John von Ahlen of ParraloxFrom first listen this sleek electronic platter comes to life in the way Lady Gaga’s The Fame wanted to.  And while comparisons to Ms GG and the divine Kylie Minogue are inevitable, one can’t help to hear that Amii might be the first person to tap into Madonna’s groove since Regina’s Baby Love.  The poppy Two Hearts and single I Am Human harken to Madonna’s first couple albums with their infectious beats and instantly memorable lyrics, while Beautiful World and Peter sound like outtakes from the William Orbit years. Not that State of Decay is dominated by a “Madge” sound. Fans of European outfits like Client, Dubstar and Saint Etienne will also find comfort in cold, witty cuts like the new single Hotter (“You’re just what I’m looking for. I just wish you looked a little bit hotter”.  So consider this a stone unturned for you. State of Decay deserves its time in the sun.

Hear the Arachnophobias remix of When The Walls Come Tumbling Down

Check out their sexy/funny video for the Shannon tinged Hotter




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30 01 2010

I just downloaded Parralox from You are so spot on for everything. I hear Mo, St. Etienne and her voice sounds a LOT like Regina (whatever happened to her?). Kudos for this treat. And I find the tune “Hotter” to ring true. So many people I meet, and I hit it off..but if only they were “hotter.” So so true.

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