Two Divided By Zero Zero Zero

17 01 2010

Come join us this Friday the 22nd of January at Wild Pug for the battle!

Pop music fans love a music dominance battle. Prince vs. MJ, Kylie vs. Dannii, Madge vs. Gaga, ‘Priest vs. ‘Maiden, Billy Joel vs. a tree.  But one musical rivalry has burned through the ages in our community with a big flame: Pet Shop Boys vs. Erasure.  Growing up as a teen gay in the eighties, even before I came out, or before they came out, I knew there was something  queer about these two bands.  Call it early “gaydar”, but I was drawn to them in a way Spandau Ballet was never gonna do for me.  I was reading their pre-out lyrics and drinking in every song. I’ve always loved both equally since then, and stuck with them through label changes, poor fashion choices and bad albums (Release and Union Street spring to mind), but not until recently when I started planning a PSB vs. Erasure night at Wild Pug did I realize this issue is as divisive as manscaping versus “Full-Baldwin”. Gay boys of a certain age, and the ladies who love them, really have a strong opinion on this very topic. On the PSB side, they’re dry, witty, visually stimulating, and above all consistent to fan expectations. With Erasure, they’re (and I mean Andy Bell, the gay one, mostly) flamboyant , brash, silly and always catchy. But after sifting through 41 hours of remixes, rarities and hits by both, I can’t decide. One is class and educated English snobbery perfect for a day at work or Saturday on the couch. The other  is twirling disco euphoria perfect which getting ready on a Friday or coming down after.  But most important, both are true to who they are as proud (mostly) gay men.  And, if like me, both work for you depending on mood and the time of day, then good for you. They both win and we all win as well. Sorry Soft Cell, next time.




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