Now it’s Róisín Murphy’s turn

8 01 2010

Róisín Murphy, former singer for Moloko, releases her new single, Momma’s House this next week, and while I was instantly attracted to her Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam like ode to New York house and freestyle of the 80’s and 90’s and her “suck it, youngin” lyrics (which will now officially be played as my anthem at my funeral), upon about the 20th listen to this AMAZING track I realized. She’s not schooling a punky teen, or even her upcoming child, who she’s showing in on her single cover, but she’s ripping on the Gaga a bit. Its been widely documented, right here in this blog and everywhere else, that Lady Gaga has borrowed from Róisín the most. Now its Momma’s Turn…

“I’m as sweet as I can be, do you know I have a history. I’ve EARNED respectability.  You won’t get to pull the wool, over my eyes, fool. The thing you do. They’re mocking you. It all been done. When I was young”

Ok, so maybe I’m reading into lyrics. I’ve been accused of that. But isn’t it fun to think that after all the looks and sounds LG has lifted from her, “momma” is schooling her baby?

“…your brand new crazy, its all been done, at Momma’s Place”

Oh ya, and here’s the message from Róisín




3 responses

8 01 2010

Your probably right,though, Marc. After all, there is no originality left in music.

Still, as much as I sort dislike Lady Gaga, I can’t get Bad Romance out of fraking head!

8 01 2010

Roisin claims it’s about her baby (WINK WINK SAY NO MORE)

11 01 2010

I LOVE this new track. I relate to Roisin in this song BUT I can also say after seeing Lady GaGa perform this weekend that GAGA is an Artist in her own rite. Gaga has so many points of reference, including Matthew Barney which was the most surprising to me. She knows exactly what to soak in and what to spit out in order for the world to love her. Gaga is young and hot, funny and smart and I was more impressed than I ever thought I would be…but to get back to Roisin. She is beautiful and this song is hot.

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