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19 12 2009

For those of you who read this, but are not familiar with the old blog I did with my best friend Jamie, I posted my annual best singles compilation there this year for her since she always looked forward to getting her’s in the mail.





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20 12 2009

Great job with the mixes. Jamie would have loved them. I’ve been tapping my foot to them all day. Thanks for sharing.

20 12 2009

Unfortunately, I did not get the last disc. This is an amazing gift for a beautiful woman. Happy Holidays! See you in the new year.

18 01 2010

Glad you put this together and made it available. I have been listening to it off and on since you released it. Obviously some of the stuff I am familiar with, but some of the new stuff you introduced me to (Norwegian Recycling, Blaqk Audio, the cover of Sour Times) are quite lovely and catchy.

Thanks for sharing this — it is a nice insight to you and your 2009.

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