The Vault: Rachel Fuller

11 12 2009

As we approach the end of this hideous year at the tail end of one of the worst decades in modern history, I have to reflect on the fact that it was a pretty fantastic year and decade musically. But for all the brilliant artistic artists who made bank (White Stripes, Radiohead, Flaming Lips), I’m sad some great ones got overlooked.

Today’s vault entry has bank. No problem there as she’s been The Who’s Pete Townsend’s partner in life and work for over a decade. But Rachel Fuller is more than a rock wife, reality star, talk show host, blogger, and arranger for Pete’s band, she’s also a phenomenal songwriter and singer.

In 1994, Rachel put out her only full length album so far, Cigarettes and Housework, a gorgeous collection of sharply written mellow tunes along the lines of October Project and Tracey Thorn, but at least in the US, it flatlined. So today I’m sharing my favorite cut from the CD, Praying. If you like this, the album falls pretty much in line with this one.

Praying by Rachel Fuller (right click to save)

Rachel has since put out one EP, but his remains her only album. Still holds up after 5 years as a great musical accomplishment.




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