Ru Who? Gay Pimp’s Erickatoure Takes It To Anotha Level

19 11 2009

Erickatoure Aviance

As an admitted friend and fan of the Jonny McGovern and the Gay Pimp crew, you’d expect me to be a bit biased on my opinion of their new track with singer/performer Erickatoure Aviance of the House of Aviance and the hugely popular Gay Pimp podcast. But no. I’ve always been able to give a critical ear to the best of pals in the industry. My friends can always count on me to give my true opinion, as much as it hurts.

So, it was an extra joy to hear My Pumps, from the just released Gay Pimp CD, The Legends Ball: East Village Mixtape 2, and really really really enjoy it. In fact, it makes me kinda giddy.  My pumps is one of those rare tracks from a drag performer that goes beyond the traditional “bitch track” into something that works on a sheer musical and vocal level due to the tight production of Adam Joseph and Jonny McGovern.

Jonny tells DAA about the process, “When producing the track we wanted to get a vibe that was cunt but smooth, housey yet soulful- a throwback but with a touch of the future which I think we achieved.
This song had been bubbling up in ericka’s mind for while and she wote it overnight. One day she came in and said “its written!” But we took our time to really find the right sound. We worked on the track off and on over many months and keep tinkering then erickqa recorded the vocals and we tinkered some more until it was the perfect intro to ericka’s “behind the waterfall” universe.”

Overall, My Pumps is hot on hot on hot.  The rhythm section grabs you and Ericka’s smooth sexy vocal caress your shakin’ ass, and she doesn’t let go till the last click of her heal. I’d buy this no matter what the visual was be it drag, or dyke, or sassy black lady. And it will turn out the butchest of men and bring out their inner queen.  My Pumps is the perfect going out on a Saturday night song, no matter what shoes you choose!

Get “My Pumps” and Legends Ball album here: iTunes




3 responses

19 11 2009

WORK! Love it, thanks for the post!

22 11 2009

Just got done listening to episode 11 (so, I’m busy, sue me) and I laughed out loud about your comments about Chicago. Yes, it is a lovely city, I do love it, and I do miss it (along with you and Brad), but sweet baby Jebus in a Pita Pocket, I’ll take this weather here in LA over Chicago’s snow and Wind Off the Lake (TM) anytime of the year.

Though, LA sucks in the summer -too fraking hot.

28 11 2009

I love it! I found myself clapping at my desk while watching this.

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