Planet Jyna is under attack!? Samwell’s here to help

15 11 2009

samwellYou may remember Samwell from his hilarious Youtube hit, What, What? (In The Butt).  Now he’s back with a message as old as Salt n Pepa’s career: Safe Sex.  I was just wondering this morning why it was so hip and cool in the early 90’s to bring safe sex to the forefront of pop culture, but in the past decade, where’s our People Are Still Having Sex or Let’s Talk About Sex? It’s here baby. Samwell’s message may seem old to people like me, but to a younger generation who don’t tend to take HIV seriously, this comical gay sci-fi fantasy about VD, labia shaped planets, phallic rockets and unfortunate rubber jump suits, may restart the “safe sex is good sex” trend right back up. And quite frankly since 24 million people heard him sing “all I want is your big fat seed” on his last hit, this may balance out his gay karma a bit. You go girl.




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