The Vault: Bliss and The Cure

3 11 2009

I know we threatened to make The Vault a regular post, but quite frankly got a bit lazy, focusing on the podcast (hope you’re all enjoying it!). And quite frankly this one had me confused as to how to go about posting it:


As that crappy Dove Chocolate commercial announces, its Bliss. Bliss. The band. How do we explain them. Well, for one, they’re damned hard to research. As we’ve talked about in 2 successive podcasts, picking a good name that is easily “Googleable” is key. Bliss. No. Upon searching the world wide interweb, you come up with the following:

  1. Bliss, a Scandinavian chillout 3 pc. very similar to Zero 7 complete with vocals by Sophie (I’m no Sia) Barker. Put out a great CD a few years ago called Quiet Letters.
  2. Bliss, a horrible female rapper from the US
  3. Bliss, a more horrible white male rapper, also US
  4. Bliss, the mexian pop band
  5. Bliss, the Canadian all male 4 pc. from the 90’s
  6. Bliss, the generic 90’s new age outfit

rachel_morrison1And finally the band I was hot for, Bliss, the UK band led by Rachel Morrison. Bliss was only around in force for about 3 years in the late 80’s/early 90’s, riding in on a wave of sophisticated female led acts like Everything But the Girl, Swing Out Sister, Matt Bianco, and Julie Fordham, before Rachel started a family. Not very big in the UK or US, but they did chart in the Germany and New Zealand. I found their German EP, Watching Over Me in the $1 bin at Now Hear This in St Louis in 1991. It was back in the day when I bought CDs based on album cover and this was my type of find. Stark, black and white photo of a sad girl with a B-side of The Cure’s Love Song. Jackpot! Now, I’d like to share this VERY rare gem with you. Don’t think your speakers are disconnected. Its starts of very very quiet, but then really builds. Rachel is a vocal powerhouse. Borderline manly at times a la Cher or Horse. And when she sings I Will Always Love You, you believe it!

Love Song (right click to download)




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4 11 2009

Loved the Lovesong cover, would you mind if I also post it in my blog? BTW, you might want to check out a nice electroclash cover of the same Cure song by Snake River Conspiracy.


25 05 2010

Thank you for that! I remember about this cover back in 1991 that was in a collection called Mega Hits 5 released in Brazil. I didn’t know was a The Cure song back in the day but it must be more than 10 years since the last time I listened to it. Tried searching on the internet but no joy. This is in my opinion the best cover for this song. Powerful and beautiful. I dare to say it’s even better than the original!

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