In a Spooky Mood II: The Elfmaning!

30 10 2009



Danny Elfman in Forbidden Zone

Reading Steven’s Halloween posting on the oddly attractive David Turpin, I got to thinking of my favorite Halloween song. Having just co-hosted Blood on the Keyboards at Wild Pug last week I was knee deep in spooky tunes this past month.  Halloween for me, since mid-eighties has always been a Danny Elfman affair.

From his first film Forbidden Zone as a member of the Mystical Knights of Oingo Boingo, to his hits Dead Man’s Party and Weird Science, to his successful career as a composer for many of Tim Burton’s biggest films Beetlejuice, Batman, Pee Wee’s Big Adventure, and Sleepy Hollow. But for me, the pinnacle was one of the most overlooked moments. As a finale to Oingo Boigo’s career, they came together for a final album and tour with the release Boingo. A brilliant, dark, deep release that was all but ignored by everyone but the fans. Which is a shame.  Luckily they documented their final show with Farewell! With the CD and DVD they chronicled their final goodbye as a band…or did they. Looks like they are going waaaay back and making Forbidden Zone 2 with brother Richard Elfman and sister-in-law Jenna, but sans dead Herve Villachez.





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3 11 2009

Amazing…I love it.

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