Frankie Returns To Hollywood?

30 10 2009

FrankieSayGreatestEven though this new video is only half as sexy as the original(s), its good to see Holly Johnson up and running (even if its sans band) and this straighforward remix is pretty hot.




One response

30 10 2009
Steven Eliot

I agree. It is nice to see Holly in this video.

However, I’ve gotta admit, I can’t get past how calculated, visually spoon-fed and commercially starved of an attempt this is to appeal to the 80s lovin’ twenty-something kids. Fitting, I suppose, because FGTH has always seemed to be willing to whore themselves out for any commercially viable opportunity, even back the first time around. So, all the power to you, Frankie. You go, girl. However, I will be at the bar, cringing at rush to the dance floor, in the same way I do for the the current 20-something’s undying love for “Don’t Stop Believin'”… I guess I have officially become one of those old homos (or maybe just more of a fan of gin martinis) than the non-stop rehashing of this particular song which has more than ever elevated into becoming a straight-club anthem.

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