Samantha’s ON FIRE: Fox covers Kings of Leon

21 10 2009

I can’t turn away.

I don’t want to like this, but I kinda love it. If you remember, a few months ago I confessed my undying love for Samantha Fox. Now, she’s not in the same part of my heart reserved for Prince, David Sylvian or EBTG, but my cold, dead pop part of my heart loves her dearly, especially after she came out. So I never expected to see her looking so fit and sexy, let alone rocking out with nice vocals to a decent version of K.O.L.’s hit Sex On Fire in her 40’s!

I’m so confused. I’m worried that my love for her is tainting my opinion. I know it’s not genius technically, but isn’t it great when a singer exceeds expectations. And its certainly still better than Miley or any of that lot, right? I need some opinions on this one.




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21 10 2009

I’ll be honest—I don’t hold a special place for Samantha Fox in my heart. In fact, I just feel apathetic about her. I could go either way with my love for her choices in music. (Yes, this is a call out to school me on why I should form any opinion about her!) So, I look at this video with a little bit of surprise:

1) WOW! She looks fucking great. Being months away from turning 40, its encouraging to me that there is no reaason why I too can never look better. Just look at Samantha!;

2) Her choice to do this cover is exactly spot-on for her. It suits her vocal range and demonstrates something important to me: It’s an unconvential choice and it works for her. To me, that indicates she truly is an artist who loves music, not just performs it and junk (i.e. your reference to Miley)

3) I bet she has a rockin’ live show. I am now searching for more live footage…

So, Marc… you’re not alone on this. This is a really nice surprise and find. Now let’s hope she’s inspired to stir up some new material to remind us she’s still got some rock n roll left in her! 🙂

28 10 2009

I had NO idea she covered that song. But it’s awesome. The lead singer of KOL has an interesting range and she compleeeeetely nailed it. I am officially impressed. I never really gave her much thought. She fell into my “tart” list..along with Suzie Q and others who you probably could was Suzie right? “Two of Hearts?” Yeah, Sam fell into that category. But wow. Completely thrown by it. Oh happy day.

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