Things We May Have Missed on D.A.A. The Podcast, Episode 8

20 10 2009

Episode 8″
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This week on Dancing About Architecture, The Podcast, Moose and Redmonkey went over new releases from the past year we may have overlooked, and are no longer “new releases” but are still hot as hell and deserve attention.

Here’s Moose on kylie’s blog as discussed

And the video of her doing Your Disco Needs You impromtu and acoustic

Upcoming shows we’re hot for: a-haBlue Rodeo, Imogen Heap and Snow White and the Drag Queen Who Stole Xmas.

If you’re a fan of Billie Ray Martin, make sure you leave us a comment on here if you have a question for our upcoming interview.

And thanks to all of you for listening. We’re truly moved by the overwhelming support. If you’d like to help spread the gospel, there’s a few things you can do: comment on iTunes on our page and rate us there, repost this on your social networking sites, or just tell a friend. We’re hoping to find all the lost music souls out there who like the good, quality music we do and would love to discuss it.

-Redmonkey and Moose




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