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19 10 2009

morton harketa-ha, one of my all time favorite bands, has announced they ARE coming to North America as part of their farewell tour.


Here are a few small updates to the previously announced 2010 world tour information. Keep in mind that although the following timeframes and countries are not 100% confirmed, we understand this is the general tour schedule for 2010. As specific cities, venues and dates are confirmed, we’ll add them to theUpcoming Events page.

  • In March, a-ha will spend approximately three weeks touring in South America.
  • There will be a two-week tour of North American cities in May.
  • The summer months take a-ha back to Europe and the UK for some festivals.
  • Fans in Tokyo and Osaka will have the chance to see a-ha at the Summer Sonic Festival.
  • There is going to be a European tour to round up everything in October and November.

In case you’re aren’t crazy,  obsessed a-ha fans like us, you may have missed last week that they are breaking up for good now. Or maybe you read the douchy post on Perez Hilton announcing the breakup while making them feel bad for only have one top 10 hit. Either way, its done.

We saw this coming a mile away.  Pal has been hated by Morten and Mags for years and you’ll notice if you what press for the new album, he’s not even there. Well, as we said on our upcoming podcast, we know Morten, the lead singer, will be fine. His solo albums have been rivaling a-ha’s lately. Hopefully sexy Mags will do something with him. Good riddance, Pal, and hello, then goodbye, to a-ha. Great way to cap off 25 years of consistently great music.




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20 10 2009

I will be first in line to buy tix to as many North American shows as I can. I’ve too noticed the rift b/w Pal and Morten and can only assume it’s because of all the silly oomlahs in his names…

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